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Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

MajorYear: 2017

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Linguistics is the study of language in all its aspects including its structure, its diversity, how it changes and evolves, how people learn and make use of it to communicate, and how it is implicated in relations of power. It provides students with an insight into the most fundamental of all human faculties, develops strong analytical skills and a foundation for work in many diverse areas.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete this major will:

  • Attain an in-depth knowledge of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and will be able to engage with current debates in the field;
  • Reach a high level of achievement in writing a variety of text types across the discipline;
  • Develop the ability to conduct research activities including collecting and analysing primary and secondary sources as well as empirical data;
  • Develop a sense of intellectual integrity and ethical scholarship through critical engagement with research in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics;
  • Examine critically, synthesize and evaluate knowledge in the various sub-areas of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics;
  • Develop the capacity to participate in learning and problem solving activities individually and collaboratively in groups;
  • Acquire a deep sense of the inherent political nature of research and scholarship in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and across disciplines, and their attendant social and civic responsibilities;
  • Understand how to contribute to constructive change in their communities by drawing on their profound awareness of culturally and linguistically diverse communities’ needs;
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills through their participation in small group problem solving activities.
Last updated: 10 May 2019