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Energy Efficiency Modelling and Implementation // Structure

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200 credit points

Students will be required to complete two subjects core to the degree (Sustainability, Governance and Leadership, and Interdisciplinarity and Environment), and four subjects compulsory to the specialisation. Students in the 200 point pathway willapply this knowledge to a project including research of alternative retrofit options, testing, analysis and scholarly writing of the results. This research or internship project subject will be selected from a list of available research project subjects and must have a minimum weight of 12.5 points. Students in the 100 point pathway will not normally be required to complete this component. Students choose subjects from a recommended list of electives to make up the balance of the award. The selection of electives is made in consultation with the Energy Efficiency Modelling and Implementation major coordinators. More information about this stream can be found here:


Last updated: 19 October 2018