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Diploma in Informatics (D-INFO) // Attributes, outcomes and skills

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Intended learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Diploma in Informatics, students should:

  • Be able to demonstrate their understanding of the way information and communication technologies support integration of data from diverse sources;
  • Be able to apply modern IT concepts and techniques to problems involving the acquisition, storage, manipulation, and presentation of data;
  • Be able to critically analyse the information flows occurring in real-world data sharing situations and be able to design supporting on-line or web-based solutions; and
  • Be able to provide informed advice to people in other disciplines about how best to implement on-line or web-based solutions to problems involving the acquisition, storage,manipulation, or presentation of domain-specific data.

Generic skills

Refer to statement of course ‘Objectives’

Graduate attributes

The Melbourne School of Engineering closely maps subject level attributes and knowledge to align with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), whilst also aligning with Attributes of the University of Melbourne Graduate, Engineers Australia competencies and its own School attributes”