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Diploma in Informatics (D-INFO) // Course structure

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Course structure

The Diploma in Informatics requires a total of 100 points of specified study, of which up to 50 points can be cross-credited from the student’s main or underlying degree. To graduate with an undergraduate degree and the Diploma, students must complete between 350 and 400 points across both programs.

To be awarded the Diploma in Informatics students must have completed two compulsory subjects (COMP10001 which is the entry point subject to the Diploma, and one of SWEN30006 or INFO30005) and two level three electives, plus four electives from level one, two or three. Some of these elective subjects will be pre-requisites for the final compulsory subject (SWEN30006 or INFO30005).


Depending on a student’s individual circumstances and their personal desire, the Diploma may be taken in a variety of “Fast Track” modes or by adding the full 100 points (i.e. one full year) to their degree.

Fast Track modes will involve cross-crediting of up to 50 points and/or overloading in one, two or all three years of the course.

All students undertaking a Diploma must complete a minimum of 350 points and a maximum of 400 points for the degree plus the diploma

Students in the BSc majoring in any of Computing and Software Systems, Data Science, or Informatics, and students in the BDes majoring in Computing, are not allowed to enroll in the Diploma in Informatics.