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International River Basin Management (ENEN90037) // Assessment

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  • Oral presentation on the learnings from the field trip (20%) requiring approximately 10 hours of work, presented during the field trip or workshop intensive. Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) 1 to 3 are addressed in this presentation.
  • A 3000 word individual report (30%) tackling an international river basin management challenge drawing on experience during the field trip requiring approximately 60 hours of work, due three weeks after classes finish. ILOs 2, 4 and 5 are addressed in this essay.
  • Two tests during the intensive work demonstrating an understanding of the basic material, concepts and analytical methods required for the project (10%).
  • A Group project of 2000 words/person (40%) reporting on the project solution developed during the intensive workshop requiring approximately 60 hours work. ILOs 4 and 5 are addressed in this project.