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Microbes, Infections and Responses (MIIM20002) // Further information

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Further information

Prescribed texts

Schaechter's Mechanisms of Microbial Disease (N C Engleberg, V DiRita and T S Dermody), 5th Edn, 2013

Recommended texts and other resources

Prescott’s Microbiology, By Willey, Sherwood and Woolverton. Edn 9, 2014.


Where appropriate:

  • whilst students will not be involved in the manipulation and handling of animals, tissues obtained from appropriately euthanased animals will be used in some experiments.
  • These experiments will be approved by the University of Melbourne Animal Welfare Committee.
  • Experiments contained in this unit will also be approved by the Biosafety and Gene Technology Committee.

Students wishing to register in this subject after week 2 of a Semester should contact the subject coordinators.

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