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Techniques in Immunology (MIIM30015) // Further information

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Further information

Prescribed texts

Janeway's Immunobiology (Murphy et al) 8th ed, 2012


This subject is available to students enrolled in the:

Pre-2008 B. Sc
NG B. Sc.
NG B. Biomed

This subject is a practical subject. It requires attendance at all scheduled sessions.

Whilst students will not be involved in the manipulation and handling of animals, reagents and media components derived from animals will be used in some experiments.

These experiments will be approved by the University of Melbourne Animal Welfare Committee.

Experiments contained in this unit will also be approved by the Biosafety and Gene Technology Committee.

Students wishing to register in this subject after the Quota Selection Date or after week 1 of a Semester should contact the subject coordinators.

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