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Physics for Biomedicine (PHYC10007) // Further information

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Further information

  • Texts

    Prescribed texts

    Physics for the Life Sciences 3E, Martin Zinke-Allmag, Ken Sills, Rezza Nejat and Eduuardo Galiano-Riveros, Cengage Learning: ISBN 9780176558697

  • Subject notes

    This unit is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedicine.

    Required equipment: laboratory coat and safety glasses.

    To prevent repetition of content, students who have completed VCE Unit 3/4 Physics, or equivalent, normally will not be permitted to enrol in this subject.

  • Available through the Community Access Program

    About the Community Access Program (CAP)

    This subject is available through the Community Access Program (also called Single Subject Studies) which allows you to enrol in single subjects offered by the University of Melbourne, without the commitment required to complete a whole degree.

    Entry requirements including prerequisites may apply. Please refer to the CAP applications page for further information.