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Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Professional Leadership and Management (GD-VPLMGT) // Attributes, outcomes and skills

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Intended learning outcomes

Upon graduation, students will be capable of:

  • Obtaining, analysing, synthesising and evaluating evidence in management decision making
  • Describe the body of knowledge influencing markets and guiding the management of organisations
  • Understand the link between people management decisions and firm outcomes
  • Understand some of the challenges and opportunities of leading a diverse workforce
  • Evaluate the impact of a variety of cultural and environmental factors on the organisation
  • Apply knowledge of theory to analyse real and hypothetical problems; and
  • Demonstrate creativity in the application of knowledge to problem solving and innovation
  • Apply knowledge and skills to solve problems that arise in practical settings and professional contexts in veterinary science and develop an integrated understanding of knowledge and practice
  • Investigate, evaluate, interpret and manage problems encountered within the veterinary industry employing practical skills and the application of knowledge
  • Exhibit high level professional skills including communication, decision making, team work and networking

Generic skills

On successful completion of this certificate students should have enhanced their skills in:

  • Critical evaluation of evidence in support of an argument or proposition
  • Problem solving in management through the application of appropriate management theories, principles and data; and
  • Their capacity to successfully engage in collaborative activities such as group based work and activities.
  • Solving problems through the application of knowledge, and the ability to initiate and integrate new ideas
  • Dealing with integrity and honesty with professional colleagues
  • Adapting to changes in their work place and to advancements in veterinary science in general

Graduate attributes

On successful completion of this degree, graduates will be:

  • Adept at analysing and evaluating evidence in management decision making
  • Strategic and critical thinkers in relation to management issues
  • Effective decision makers in business and commerce
  • Collaborative in their work practice
  • Able to deal professional colleagues with integrity and honesty
  • Empathetic in their concern for animals and people
  • Understanding of both scientific and vocational aspects of veterinary science
  • Aware of the veterinarian’s role in society, and equipped to be a leader in their organisation and the community
  • Aware of the global society and equipped to contribute to it