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Applied Data Science (MAST30034) // Assessment

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  • Two individual assignments (up to 15 pages each), requiring approximately 30 hours of work, addressing Learning Outcomes (LOs) 1 to 4, due in weeks 3-4 and 6-7 40% (20% each)
  • Group assignment (written component, up to 50 pages),requiring approximately 50 hours of work addressing LOs 1 to 9, and especially 5 to 9. To proceed in two phases: formulation followed by a review in weeks 9- 10, then implementation, due in week 12 (50%)
  • Individual self-reflection report that also outlines the individual's contribution to the group assignment (requiring 10 hours work per student). The individual's contribution to the project will be measured using change logs from document and source-code repositories, due in the examination period (10%)