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Australian Indigenous Studies

MajorYear: 2019

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Australian Indigenous Studies is a value-driven program guided by the principles of interdisciplinarity, intellectual exchange, and social relevance. Australian Indigenous Studies offers students perspectives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture. Subjects offered reflect the rich diversity of the field. Themes include contemporary Indigenous cultural production, key thinkers and concepts, Settler and Indigenous environmental ethics, Aboriginal women and coloniality, and issues relating to land, law and philosophy.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete this major will:

  • understand the complexity and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures;

  • develop a detailed knowledge and critical understanding of how discourses and representations of Aboriginality function in contemporary Australian society, as well as the historical, social and cultural contexts that produce them;

  • develop a deep and nuanced intellectual positioning, from which to critically engage with complex and changing social and political issues in Australian society;

  • apply an independent approach to knowledge that uses rigorous methods of inquiry and appropriate methodologies that are applied with intellectual honesty, self-awareness, and ethical integrity;

  • appreciate the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Indigenous studies;

  • communicate effectively, from their own informed intellectual positioning, in a variety of oral and written formats;

  • act as informed and critically discerning participants, with a respect for ethical values, within the scholarly community, in the workforce and as citizens.

Last updated: 1 May 2019