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Linguistics: English Language Studies

Breadth TrackYear: 2019

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This breadth track progressively develops knowledge and linguistic skills in the structure of English and English language studies.

Subject Options

Code Name Study period Credit Points
LING10001 The Secret Life of Language
Semester 2
LING20011 Grammar of English
Semester 1

And one or more of:

Code Name Study period Credit Points
LING20003 Second Language Learning and Teaching
Semester 2
LING30004 Discourse & Pragmatics
Semester 2

*Or 12.5 points of Academic English


These subjects are not approved as breadth for Bachelor of Arts students.

What is a Breadth Track?

A breadth track is a sequence of three or more subjects (taken as part of a Melbourne Bachelor degree) that progressively develops knowledge and skills relevant to a coherent domain, theme, topic or issue. It is a suggested set of subjects, rather than a requirement.

Last updated: 23 July 2019