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Environment and Public Health

Specialisation (formal)Year: 2019

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Environment and Public Health is offered as a major field of study in the Master of Environment degree.

At this time in history it is hard to imagine a topic more important than the impacts of the environment on human health. The very life support systems of clean air, fresh water, a safe climate, food security and biodiversity are under stress.

The Environment and Public Health stream is designed to ensure students are preparing for a career in the intersection between health and the environment. Recent years have seen new roles emerging that focus on policy, advocacy, research, and environmental management in relation to health and environment. This stream helps prepare students for these key roles.

Study in this field will provide you with the tools used in environmental health practice, and by public health practitioners. These include surveillance, monitoring, observation, analysis, and selected techniques in biostatistics, epidemiology and health economics. Other skills we develop are more specific to environmental health or environmental studies, such as environmental, social and health impact assessment and qualitative and quantitative analysis.

This stream is a specialist companion program to the Master of Environment and Public Health which is offered at the University of Melbourne.

Last updated: 13 April 2019