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Screen Studies

Specialisation (formal)Year: 2019

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The Masters degree is designed for students to develop advanced skills in carrying out independent and sustained research in screen studies. The thesis should demonstrate a critical application of specialist knowledge and make an independent contribution to existing scholarship in the area of research. Candidates may advance to the Doctor of Philosophy degree after successful completion of the masters or may apply to convert to the PhD at an earlier stage. An honours grade of at least H3 (65%) must be attained to qualify for the award of the masters degree.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete the Master of Arts (Thesis only) in this area of specialisation should:

  • have a knowledge of modern critical frameworks for the study of film and new media;
  • have the ability to analyse primary historical and contemporary source material;
  • have an understanding of the critical reception of works of art, such as film;
  • have the ability to prepare an original piece of research;
  • have the ability to develop and sustain an argument based upon that research; and
  • have the ability to develop a knowledge and understanding of research techniques.
Last updated: 3 April 2019