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Ph.D.- Arts (101AA) // Course structure

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Course structure

PhD thesis of 80,000 words. The award of the PhD is based solely on external examination of the PhD research thesis.

Three compulsory coursework subjects (25 points in total) undertaken in the first year of probationary candidature:

  • One Arts PhD Workshop taken over two consecutive semesters, held fortnightly in semester one and as an intensive in Semester 2 (2 x 6.25 = 12.5 points)
  • Two Arts PhD Electives (2 x 6.25 = 12.5 points)

Please note the following:

  • all students are required to complete one PhD Workshop (12.5 points total) and two PhD Electives (12.5 points total) from the list below with the approval of the student’s supervisor.
  • in some cases, supervisory panels, disciplines or Schools will require their students to take particular Electives or Workshops.
  • some subjects may be restricted to students with cognate disciplinary expertise in that area of study.
  • language subjects that are essential to the student's research thesis may be substituted for one PhD Elective (6.25 points) with approval from the student's supervisor and require the endorsement of the subject coordinator and Faculty.