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Doctor of Philosophy - Business and Economics (201BE) // Course structure

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Course structure

About the PhD

For those who wish to undertake extensive research and develop expertise in this discipline. In Australia, the majority of research graduates take on professional roles in business, government and other organisations, while about one third go on to careers in academia.

Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must demonstrate a capacity for independent research and must make an original contribution to learning. Candidates are required to present a thesis in such a form as the Academic Board may from time to time prescribe. Advice is available from the relevant Head of Department or the School of Graduate Research.

  • Course Structure: 4 Year Doctoral Program

The Departments of Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Management and Marketing offer a four year Doctoral Program with a preliminary year in which the candidate is enrolled in a coursework degree. Upon successsul completion of this preliminary year with an average of 75% or above, the candidate is enrolled in the PhD, which begins with a coursework year. In the third and fourth years of the Program candidates complete a research thesis. Confirmation of candidature is approved on the basis of successful completion of the coursework subjects and an approved thesis proposal. The decision to award the degree is based solely on the examination of the thesis. Examiners of the thesis are informed that the candidate has undertaken a course of study by thesis and coursework component, and that the thesis may be shorter than one presented by a candidate pursuing the degree by research alone, but should be comparable in research quality.

  • Course Structure: PhD by Thesis only

The Centre for Actuarial Studies offers a three year PhD by Thesis only.