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Bachelor of Music (Degree with Honours) (BH-MUS) // Attributes, outcomes and skills

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Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Contextualise their performing within the best practices of local, national and international standards;
  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of their discipline;
  • Pursue musical knowledge and skills independently, with intellectual honesty and rigorous methods of inquiry;
  • Use and assimilate the potential of technologies to facilitate the dissemination of musical skills, knowledge and information;
  • Make critical, informed and sophisticated responses to new musical ideas, methodologies and theoretical frameworks;
  • Show empathy, self-reflection and critical intelligence in the dissemination of skills and knowledge in their specialisation;
  • Work competently and productively in a musical setting, both alone and in groups;
  • Integrate a holistic view of music from different times and places into their working and intellectual lives;
  • Participate with integrity, discrimination and sound knowledge and understanding in national and international debates, dialogues and discussions in their area of specialsiation and in the discipline as a whole;
  • Communicate effectively;
  • Qualify for employment in a wide range of occupations in the music profession;
  • Have a lifelong commitment to learning.

Graduate attributes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Music (Honours) will be:

  • Academically excellent as a result of:
    o intensive and rigorous one-to-one tuition/supervision
    o participation in a diversity of teaching and learning modes
    o assessment practices that demand independent thinking, critical analysis and an openness to new ideas

  • Articulate and authoritatively informed in musical discourse
  • Familiar and competent with research protocols, written and spoken communication skills and the ethics of scholarship
  • Artistically sophisticated with a high level of understanding of the aesthetic of their discipline

  • Community leaders through:
    o undertaking and developing new initiatives in community awareness and understanding of the place of music in society
    o a program of professional projects
    o leadership roles in University and community based public performances, workshops and outreach programs
    o high level development of teamwork and group dynamic skills

  • Attuned to cultural diversity through:
    o a raft of subject options that involve thinking about difference in ways of being musical as well as participating in music from other times and places
    o familiarity with culturally diverse ways of conceptualising and talking about music
    o hands-on experiences of culturally diverse styles of music making and musical pedagogy

  • Global citizens through:
    o participation throughout the course in the inherently international nature of music in all its manifestations
    o awareness as ambassadors for Australia through promotion of its cultural richness
    o facilitators and communicators between diverse cultural communities