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Bachelor of Music (Degree with Honours) (BH-MUS) // Course structure

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Course structure

The Bachelor of Music (Honours) requires the successful completion of 100 points from an array of elective subjects and subject sequences including:

  • Academic electives (one per semester)
  • Performance-based electives
  • Composition and conducting electives
  • Career preparation electives comprising arts administration and management (including an internship)
  • Research electives culminating in a 10,000 word dissertation

Completion Requirements

To be awarded honours students must gain: an Honours grade (H1, H2A, H2b or H3) in all core subjects for their stream, a pass mark in all electives, and an overall grade of 65% or greater.

Final Mark Calculation

The honours result will be determined over all subjects for which a result is entered.

Additional/Repeat Subjects

Students may be given permission to repeat an advanced coursework honours core subject/component in order to meet the requirements. Should students have achieved an Honours grade in all core subjects but not an overall grade of H3, they may be allowed to take a further elective to meet the requirements.