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Graduate Certificate in Professional Skills for Scientists (GC-PROFSC) // Attributes, outcomes and skills

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Intended learning outcomes

After completing this course students should be able to:

  • Articulate the range of purposes of communicating about science
  • Identify the common features of effective communication in written and oral forms
  • Understand the importance of leadership, project management skills and ethical standards within scientific working environments
  • Acquire skills in the analysis of research through data, statistics or computation
  • Demonstrate improved self-reflection and practical skills within a work project/placement scenario

Generic skills

Generic skills gained from this subject include:

  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms
  • Improved analytical, problem-solving, research, and report-writing skills through dealing with, a range of issues that emerge within their placement
  • Demonstrating the breadth of knowledge gained in an inter-disciplinary approach
  • Ability to manage and plan work, use time effectively and meet deadlines

Graduate attributes

Graduates will:

  • be able to examine critically, synthesise and evaluate knowledge across a broad range of disciplines;
  • be able to initiate and implement constructive change in their communities, including professions and workplaces
  • have a set of flexible and transferable skills for different types of employment;
  • be critical and creative thinkers, with an aptitude for continued self-directed learning;
  • have a strong sense of intellectual integrity and the ethics of scholarship.