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Heat and Mass Transport Processes (CHEN30005) // Further information

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Further information

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    The subject will be delivered through a combination of lectures, self managed assignments, and self managed work on tutorial questions supported by tutorial classes. The assignments will focus on:

    1. Development of HYSYS simulation skills through a computer-based exercise
    2. Development of skills in MS Excel through a computer-based exercise
    3. A laboratory based exercise which will reinforce the material covered in lectures.


    Coulson, J.M.; Richardson, J.F.; Backhurst, J.R.; Harker, J.H. (1999). Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering Volume 1 - Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (6th Edition). Elsevier

    Richardson, J.F.; Harker, J.H.; Backhurst, J.R. (2002). Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering Volume 2 - Particle Technology and Separation Processes (5th Edition). Elsevier.


    The skills gained in this subject are crucial to the career of a process engineer. They will be important for students wishing to progress to jobs in engineering design offices and in operational roles within a wide range of industries including petrochemicals, food processing, wastewater treatment and pulp and paper manufacture.

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