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Chemical Engineering Research Project (CHEN90023) // Assessment

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  • A written report of up to 35 pages, not including appendices, diagrams, tables, computations and computer output (50%). Time commitment of approximately 180-200 hours. Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) 2 to 4 will be assessed through the student's written report. Written reports will be submitted during the first week of the exam period.
  • A 15 minute oral presentation supported either by powerpoint slides or a poster with a further 15 minutes for response to questions (25%). Time commitment of approximately 80-100 hours. ILOs 2 to 4 will be assessed through the student's presentation. Oral presentations will be assessed in the last 2 weeks of semester.
  • Conduct will be assessed on the student's understanding of their project and their active particpation in the project (25%). ILO 1 will be assessed through the student's performance in research workspace. Assessed throughout the teaching periods within semester.