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Integrated Body Mind Practices 3 (DNCE20020) // Assessment

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Additional details

Contribution and participation to coursework against the prescribed criteria:
Feldenkrais 20%
Kinesiology 15%
The timing of assessment is ongoing and assessment weight is 35%.

Written assignments (1000 words total)
2 journals for Feldenkrais 30% (15% each) Timing of assessment is mid and end of semester.
1 logbook for Kinesiology 15% Timing of assessment is mid-semester.
Total assessment weight of written assignments is 45%.

Kinesiology practical exam. Timing of assessment is end of semester and weight is 20%.

Hurdle requirements

Students must attend 80% of all scheduled classes and attempt all elements of assessment to be eligible for a pass in this subject. Regular participation in seminars and studio is required.