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Up Close and Personal with MTC (DRAM10026)

Undergraduate level 1Points: 12.5Off Campus

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Year of offer2019
Subject levelUndergraduate Level 1
Subject codeDRAM10026
Semester 1 - Off Campus
June - Off Campus
Semester 2 - Off Campus
FeesSubject EFTSL, Level, Discipline & Census Date

Love going to the Theatre? Want to learn more about one of Australia’s flagship Theatre companies?

This subject provides an up close and personal look at the art, craft and business of Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC). Emphasis is placed on you (the audience) and your appreciation of the work of the playwright, director, actor, designer, producer and critic. Upon completion you should be able to demonstrate a vocabulary of theatre terms and recognise the contributions of various theatre artists in an organisation like MTC. Since no theatre appreciation course is complete without an experience of the live theatrical event, you’ll be provided with tickets to see two productions from the MTC subscription season and the opportunity to attend pre/post show discussions for both works. The only pre-requisite for this subject will be your life experience and a desire to engage with performance. These experiences will be framed as reviewing assignments for a comparative Review (1,500 words), plus some online preshow testing and diary entries. The unit is taught wholly online in a self-service model, with a requirement to undertake theatre visits and participate in a series of moderated online group discussions. This subject will enhance your knowledge of one of Melbourne’s significant cultural institutions and hopefully enliven the experience of going to the Theatre in Australia’s greatest city.

The cost of attending two MTC shows will be included in the subject cost.

Intended learning outcomes

1.Use theatrical terms to analyse and evaluate the methods of artistic and intellectual expression through theatre

2.Recognise and identify the contributions of key members of the collaborative team of theatre artists who create and perform theatre.

3.Identify and explain some of the basic social, cultural and political influences on theatre in an Australian context

4.Ability to critically examine theatrical events using opinion, taste and cultural awareness in a journal/diary and a review.

5.Identify basic elements of stagecraft and the techniques used for staging theatre.

Generic skills

  • expand analytical and cognitive skills through learning experiences in diverse subjects and settings;
  • enable capacity to participate fully in collaborative learning and to confront unfamiliar problems;
  • initiate and implement constructive change in their communities, including professions and workplaces;
  • in-depth knowledge of their specialist modes of expression;
  • critical and creative thinkers, with an aptitude for continued self-directed learning;

Last updated: 10 August 2019