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Screenwriting Practices 1B (FLTV10015) // Assessment

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Additional details

(1) Short Script (4000 words) (50%) Due: Week 11;

(2) Critical Reflection Blog (1500 words) (10%) Due: Week 12;

(3) Class Presentation (1600 words equiv) (20%) Due: weeks 2-12;

(4) Short Script (1600 words) (20%) Due: mid Semester.

Late submission
* Unless an extension has been granted, for essays/assignments submitted after the due date, the mark a student is awarded for their work will be reduced by 10% for each day the work is late.
* Unless an extension has been granted, assignments submitted later than 5 working days after the due date will not be marked, and will receive no marks.

Hurdle requirements:

Students must attend 80% of all scheduled classes and attempt all elements of assessment to be eligible for a pass in this subject.