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Spatial IT Project (GEOM90043) // Further information

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    The subject is guided by weekly progress meetings with the supervisor(s). While the components of the project are relatively constant (research idea, literature review, theoretical framework, experiment, analysis, discussion and reporting) the student is urged to develop early a time plan to manage their progress according to their individual research problem. The time plan is used in supervisor meetings to reflect on progress and potentially provide guidance.

    The thesis has in many cases the form of a scientific paper, such that in cases of outstanding and scientifically original work the thesis can also be submitted for publication.


    As an individual research project it is up to the student to identify required resources (typically access to the scientific literature as provided electronically through the University library). Computing resources are provided by the University. The skills for doing a research project were developed in the pre-requisite subject.


    Typically this is an academic research project, oriented along scientific literature and aiming to produce a scientific outcome.

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    This subject is available through the Community Access Program (also called Single Subject Studies) which allows you to enrol in single subjects offered by the University of Melbourne, without the commitment required to complete a whole degree.

    Entry requirements including prerequisites may apply. Please refer to the CAP applications page for further information.

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