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Information Architecture (INFO90005) // Assessment

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Assignment 1 – User Modelling task (individual) – Students will elicit knowledge of users’ information needs from a small number (4-8) representative sample. A report of c. 2000 words requiring c. 20 hours of work per student. Due in week 6. (30%). Addressing Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO) 1 and 2.

Assignment 2 – Design task (individual) Students will present a proposed design for a target information tool, using evidence from Assignment 1 and supplemented by further data. Report of c. 3000 words and presentation requiring c. 25 hours of work. Due in week 10. (40%). Addressing ILO 2 and 3.

Assignment 3 – Evaluation task that reports the outcome of an assessment of the use of a real-world information system. Group task of 3-4 students and a report of 4000 words requiring c. 10 hours of work per student. Due in the second week of the examination period. (30%). Addressing ILO 1,3 and 4.