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Fieldwork for Design (INFO90006) // Assessment

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Assignment 1: Group project. This is a group project in which 3-4 students work together to undertake extensive fieldwork. The assignment has four parts and requires approximately 55-60 hours of student work involving 4000 word and a short presentation: Due in weeks 3- 12 (50%).

Assignment 2: Critical review. Students submit an individual short essay (approx. 1000 words) that critiques published example(s) of fieldwork for design. Requiring approximately 20-25 hours of work. Due in week 5 (20%). Addressing ILO 1 and 5.

Assignment 3: Reflective blog. Students will keep a personal learning journal throughout the semester and edit a selection of blog posts. Total contribution is approximately 1500 words requiring approximately 35-40 hours of work. Due in week 1 of the examination period. (30%).