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Institutions in International Law (LAWS50045) // Assessment

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Additional details

  • 100% class attendance (hurdle requirement)
  • Short written report on assigned topic (20%): students may be required to work on this assignment individually or in small groups. Topics assigned will be diverse and may address such matters as themes arising in the course, organisations visited or studied, and/or relevant aspects of law. Each student’s report (or share of a group report) will be approximately 800–1,000 words in length.
  • Class participation (10%), including:
    • professional comportment throughout the course;
    • active participation in seminars in Melbourne and Geneva;
    • leading discussions and questions on particular topics;
    • researching, introducing and thanking interlocutors; and
    • assisting with logistical and administrative matters.
  • Research paper of 6,000 words (70%)

The due dates of the above assessment will be available to students via the Assessment Schedule on the LMS Community.