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The Modern Athlete (MEDI90092)

Graduate courseworkPoints: 12.5Online

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Year of offer2019
Subject levelGraduate coursework
Subject codeMEDI90092
Term 1 - Online
Term 3 - Online
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This subject introduces sports medicine theory and practice, and explores the multi-faceted approach to managing the Modern Athlete. Relevant professional and sports medicine governance frameworks are consulted in a student-led evaluation of their own professional role and responsibilities in their current and potential practice contexts. There is opportunity to appraise self-knowledge and construct an individual learning plan to extend theory and practice in the context of managing the modern athlete. (This includes revising, applying or extending scientific knowledge and practice experience). Health advocacy in Sport and Exercise Medicine settings are appraised.

The subject utilises a case-based approach to Modern Athlete-Centred Management. Case scenarios facilitate exploration of athletes’ needs management options in different contexts. This includes consideration of special / defined populations, and challenges typical to the sports medicine environment that shape the clinical management plan. Embedded in the approach to managing the modern athlete is self-awareness of cognitive processes such as reasoning, decision-making, problem solving, goal setting; and the influence of evidence, innovation and ethics.

Finally, experts’ insights and students’ shared examples of managing the modern athletes in specific scenarios will be integrated into understanding of the needs of the modern athlete. This provides context for comparing, contrasting, reflecting upon and extending both Modern Athlete-centred interdisciplinary management, and one’s own development as a professional working in a sporting context.

Intended learning outcomes

The curriculum is designed around three elements that provide integration throughout the program.

These elements are:

Sports Medicine Theory & Practice:

  • Deconstruct the constitution of "The Modern Athlete" and critically evaluate interdisciplinary athlete-centred management of athletes of all ages and abilities in different sporting contexts
  • As a member of the Sports Medicine team, scrutinise and evaluate own Professional responsibilities in light of qualifications, competencies and standards frameworks, and context of practice
  • Critically examine ethical constitutions, boundaries and challenges in managing athletes in specific contexts
  • Critically appraise self- knowledge and construct an individual learning plan to extending theory & practice in the context of managing the modern athlete

Clinical Practice in Context:

  • Promote safe, professional and ethical sporting practices, emphasising fair play, duty of care and relevant 'Codes of Conduct on Doping'
  • Negotiate defensible athlete-centred goals, Sports Medicine decisions and creative solutions according to the environment, context and athlete needs

Evidence & Innovation:

  • Critically reflect on the implications of evidence, innovation, media & technology on athlete management
  • Critically review contemporary evidence relevant to athlete management

Last updated: 19 July 2019