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Acting Skills 1 (MUST10002) // Assessment

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Continuous: Preparation and participation in classes, demonstrating continuous application to given task and progress in learning and engaging with key concepts, comprising:Acting skills 45%, movement 20% - 65%

Formal: Based on performance of two set tasks, one in acting skills (15%) and one in movement (10%), Week 12 - 25%

Written: Self-assessment of progress based on a journal of classroom experiences, reflection and self-directed study. 500 words, Week 13 - 10%

Late submission:

Unless an extension has been granted, for essays/assignments submitted after the due date, the mark a student is awarded for their work will be reduced by 10% for each day the work is late. Using electronic submission means work may be submitted on any day.
Unless an extension has been granted, assignments submitted later than 5 working days (or 1 week if due on a weekend) after the due date will not be marked, and will receive no marks.

Hurdle requirements: Students must attend 80% of all scheduled classes and attempt all elements of assessment to be eligible for a pass in this subject.