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Intensive Care Nursing Practice (NURS90128) // Assessment

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Patient Assessment and Care Plan Part 2: written assessment (1500 words)

  • 1500 words
End of the assessment period60%

Clinical Performance Appraisal

  • 1 hours
Hurdle requirement: Students must achieve competency in all domains to pass this hurdle requirement
At the end of the assessment periodN/A

Patient Assessment and Care Plan Part 1: Audio‐visual presentation (10 minutes, equivalent to 1000 words)

  • 1000 words
End of the assessment period40%

Clinical Skills Assessments x 4, approximately 150‐250 words each clinical hurdle

  • 4 hours
Hurdle requirement: Students complete four clinical hurdles during the study period. Students must achieve overall competency to pass the hurdle.
During the assessment periodN/A

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