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Software Requirements Analysis (SWEN90009) // Further information

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    The subject comprises a two one-hour lectures and one hour workshop per week. The lectures are used to elaborate and interpret material and the workshops are designed to assist students in applying theory in their project and assignment work. The project forms a major component of the practical application of the subject and is used to focus a significant part of the teaching on a practical problem.


    The subject is administered through the Universities Learning Management System (LMS). Templates for the various artefacts, guidelines on analysis processes and links to requirements analysis tools are available through the LMS. A standard environment is made available that includes modelling and diagramming facilities together with material compiled from a number of popular and current textbooks and available textbooks.


    The software industry is expanding and along with it the demand for software engineers that are capable of the analytical and management skills beyond programming. The industry is also changing in the nature of the projects being undertaken with many software engineers now working in multidisciplinary project teams. The skills and experience gained in this subject are valued by employers and are often seen as a necessary grounding for a career in software and technology related industries.

    The subject provides students with a realistic environment in which to apply and learn the theory and practice of requirements engineering. Projects are chosen to reflect real-world considerations. Industry guest speakers are invited to provide lectures in relation to specialised project requirements.

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    This subject is available through the Community Access Program (also called Single Subject Studies) which allows you to enrol in single subjects offered by the University of Melbourne, without the commitment required to complete a whole degree.

    Entry requirements including prerequisites may apply. Please refer to the CAP applications page for further information.

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