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Design Realisation 3A (THTR30022)

Undergraduate level 3Points: 25On Campus (Southbank)

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Year of offer2019
Subject levelUndergraduate Level 3
Subject codeTHTR30022
Semester 1
FeesSubject EFTSL, Level, Discipline & Census Date

Module 1 Design

Students will develop a design concept for a large-scale theatrical production utilising research into the text. Students will apply skills learnt in Design Realisation 2B to produce a series of design artefacts (Model, plans, renderings) to illustrate their concept and will present their ideas to their peers.

Module 2 Costume

This module enables students to expand and develop knowledge introduced in Design Realisation 2B (Costume). At the end of this module the students should have developed an ability to undertake costume construction research, have a basic understanding of a specific period of pattern making techniques, a rudimentary knowledge of toile construction and have developed an ability to interpret a costume design through pattern making into a 3D form.

Module 3 Props

Students produce a folio work demonstrating their ability to conceive, document, manage and realise a significant prop from a defined brief. Students will apply skills learnt in Design Realisation 2A and B and expand on these skills through further research and specific skill acquisition as required by their design concept.

Intended learning outcomes

Module 1 Design

This subject will:

• Introduce an approach a text creatively to form a design concept.
• Present the process of design concept to produce renderings, models and technical drawings to help communicate the ideas.
• Include the production of a design element to a high standard.
• Detail how to document the process and reflect on the outcome.

Module 2 Costume

This subject will demonstrate how to:
• interpret, translate and execute a costume design in the form of a toile.
• determine the technical implications of a design through detailed pattern making.
• have a better understanding of professional standards required as a pattern maker.

Module 3 Props

This subject aims to develop the students capacity to:
• Creatively interpret a maker’s brief and formulate an achievable design concept.
• Research conceptual and practical solutions to design issues.
• Independently manage and execute the realisation of a designed element to a required standard.
• Professionally document the conceptual development, research and realisation of the designed item.

Generic skills

At the conclusion of this subject students should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Understand the research skills required to design for a specified brief.
  • Express this concept in an imaginative, artistic manner using appropriate 2D, 3D, written and verbal communication skills.
  • Plan and execute the realisation of one or more designed element to an indicated standard.
  • roblem solve technical issues by applying learnt skills in a creative way.

Last updated: 7 August 2019