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  • Writing Animation 1FLTV10018

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    An introduction to storytelling, narrative and non-narrative structures, characters and worlds. There is an emphasis on understanding the writing in an historical context in writing for an animation production. Students attend 12 lectures that include screenings and discussions. Additional unsupe...

  • Writing Animation 2FLTV20019

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    WRITING ANIMATION 2 Advanced investigating and writing animation building on objectives accomplished in Writing Animation 1. In addition to further studies in fictional story and non-narrative writing, students will engage in writing from other perspectives and sources using adaptation and respon...

  • Writing AustraliaCWRI40014

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    In this subject students study a number of recent Australian literary works selected from a range of genres. The emphasis is on contemporary work. The approach will include discussion of ways of reading, and production of creative responses to the selected texts. Students will read one significan...

  • Writing for ScreenCWRI20009

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    In this subject students will be introduced to the history of screenwriting and the principles of the craft of writing scripts for screen. Students will read and respond to a variety of scripts written for screen. Students will also be required to write a short original screenplay. This subject i...

  • Writing for the MediaMECM40011

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject provides students with the skills to write at an advanced journalistic level. Lectures will present students with techniques that will enhance skills in interviewing, news judgement, narrative technique, researching, framing ideas, developing contacts and using off the record informa...

  • Writing for the Youth Screen MarketFLTV20018

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject introduces students to the world of writing screen product for children, tweens and young teenagers with a focus on youth television. Through a series of workshops, presentations and screenings, students will gain insight into what makes successful kid’s programming and will develop ...

  • Writing Radical PerformanceCWRI30015

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject engages with the theoretical, practical and technical aspects of script writing for performance. Through a rigorous examination of the work of key artists and writing from the 1960s onwards, students will devise concepts for radical performance and enhance their scriptwriting practic...

  • Young People, Crime and JusticeCRIM30011

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject charts the experiences that young people have as subjects and resistors of social control, victims of crime and young offenders. These experiences are contextualised by an appreciation of youth crime and justice as products of historical, theoretical and political junctures which hav...

  • Youth and Popular CultureEDUC30067

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject explores how children and young people construct and reconstruct their sense of selves against the backdrop of pervasive contemporary popular cultures. It examines contrasting approaches to identity (e.g. developmental, sociological, feminist, post-structuralist) and contemporary deb...

  • Youth Arts: Expressing Cultural IdentityEDUC20062

    Undergraduate subject Offered:July Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject will explore how young people create their social and personal identities through the arts (including visual and performing arts), and use these processes to relate to peers and society. This subject is taught in intensive mode with a combination of tutorials and cultural site visits...

  • Youth Leading ChangeEDUC20075

    Undergraduate subject Offered:July Year:2019

    This subject explores young people as change-makers and problem-solvers against a backdrop of social transformation in Australia and globally. It provides students with thinking tools for addressing local and global problems in everyday life and skills for leadership. The subject focuses particul...