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Internet Meets Society (UNIB10005) // Assessment

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  • Compulsory participation in both on-line forums and in tutorials (20%) of which 10% is on-line participation and 10% is tutorial participation. Each is based on presence, quality, insight and constructiveness. This assessment will take place throughout the semester, on a week-by-week basis.
  • Two written assignments of 2000 word equivalent per assignment. Students choose 2 out of 3 assignment options, each of which is equivalent in difficulty and required effort. Each assignment is worth 40%. Students have the option to choose to complete all three assignments, with the two highest scoring assignments counted towards their final grade. The first of the assignments will be due mid-semester, and the second (and third if applicable), at the completion of the semester.

Hurdle requirement:

  • Students must attend a minimum of 75% of tutorials in order to pass this subject.
  • All pieces of written work must be submitted to pass this subject.

Note: Assessment submitted late without an approved extension will be penalised at 10% per day. After five days late assessment will not be marked. In-class tasks missed without approval will not be marked.