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  • Web Search and Text AnalysisCOMP90042

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    AIMS The aims for this subject is for students to develop an understanding of the main algorithms used in natural language processing and text retrieval, for use in a diverse range of applications including search engines, machine translation, text mining, sentiment analysis, and question answer...

  • Web SecurityCOMP90074

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    Aims The Internet pervades nearly every aspect of our lives, from banking through to dating, and onto our interactions with government. As more of our lives move online we face ever greater risks to our data and way of life from internet vulnerabilities and attacks. Web Security will examine the...

  • Wellbeing, Motivation and PerformanceEDUC10057

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Summer Term, Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject explores the science of the factors that enable individuals to operate at the peak of their potential; including how to participate in more engaging activities, how to live healthier, be more resilient, have more satisfying relationships and lead more productive and fulfilling lives....

  • Why Tax Systems Differ Between CountriesLAWS90163

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019Quotas apply

    In this subject, students will analyse and compare taxation systems in different countries. The subject looks at what tax systems have in common, how they differ and seeks to explain both the similarities and the differences. It will consider the range of taxes that might be implemented to achiev...

  • Wildlife ManagementANSC90001

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    Formerly VETS90016 Topics that will be covered in this subject include: Biological and legal definitions of wildlife and the goals of managementPopulation dynamics and the measurement of abundance; the roles of competition, predation, harvesting and disease in the regulation of populationsPhysi...

  • Wines of the WorldUNIB30008

    Undergraduate subject Offered:February, July Year:2019

    The practice of drinking wine, often with matching food, is an important component of social and business interaction in many but not all modern societies. It is a practice that raises conflicting issues relating to its social, economic and health impacts on society. This subject will focus on t...

  • Wireless Communication SystemsELEN90007

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019

    AIMS This subject covers the fundamental design and performance issues associated with the physical and media access control of wireless networks.INDICATIVE CONTENT Topics include: Wireless RF link basics (antenna characterisation, polarisation, EIRP, propagation loss);Principles of cellular m...

  • Witch-Hunting in European SocietiesHIST20080

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    Why were c. 50,000 people executed for witchcraft in late medieval and early modern Europe? In this subject we will test different historical models for explaining the shocking rise and ultimate decline of witchcraft as a crime with dramatic social repercussions. Along the way we will encounter a...

  • Women and Global HealthPOPH90066

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:September Year:2019

    Developing and newly-industrialised countries experience wide variation in terms of history, politics, demographic transition, development and epidemiology. This subject situates women and their health in a dynamic context of development, globalisation and change. It examines key health issues, p...

  • Women in MusicMUSI40028

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019

    A study of the ways in which gender and sexual difference have been represented in the making and composing of art music. Beginning with medieval women, this subject explores the social and cultural context of women composers and performers from Hildegard to Clara Schumann and Ethel Smyth through...

  • Women, Peace and SecurityLAWS90124

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019Quotas apply

    In 2000 the United Nations (UN) Security Council for the first time considered the impact of war on women through the adoption of Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (WPS). This has been followed by seven further resolutions, thereby creating an institutional agenda that encompasses wome...

  • Women's Health ScreeningGENP90008

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:March Year:2019

    This subject involves the theory and practice of sensitive women's health screening, including cervical, breast and bowel screening. Innovative teaching and learning techniques will be utilised with support from University academic staff and clinical preceptors (supervisors).

  • Women, War and PeacebuildingLAWS70118

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject examines the way that international law regulates women in both war and peace-building. It will study the way that legal principles position women in the areas of international humanitarian law, international criminal law and international human rights law. The subject will also inve...

  • Wonders Of The WeatherATOC10001

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    The weather controls the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. The atmosphere and oceans influence decisions about what we wear, how we travel, where we live and how we spend our weekends and holidays. This subject explores how the atmosphere and oceans determine ...

  • Wooden Furniture WorkshopABPL90387

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019Quotas apply

    Wooden furniture workshop Furniture is a term describing movable objects in built environments intended to support various human activities, to hold objects, to store things and to divide spaces. They are products of design, used at home, office, retail, exhibition and urban environments, both in...

  • Working EthicallyPADM90009

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:November Year:2019

    Working Ethically is one of the core subjects in the Melbourne Master of Public Administration. The Melbourne MPA is an interdisciplinary, globally-focused degree program for managers that work within or with government. This subject is one of three professionally-oriented subjects and it builds ...

  • Working in First Nations ContextsARTS90019

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019

    This subject will investigate the range of protocols relevant to researching Indigenous, Islander and First Nations histories, societies and cultures. Examining diverse settings, including Australia, the Pacific and North America, this subject will assist postgraduate students in developing ethic...

  • Working in Human Service OrganisationsSCWK90070

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:August Year:2019

    This subject aims to give students an appreciation of the nature of human service organisations as a context, vehicle and target of social work interventions. Several theoretical perspectives on human service organisations will be explored and students will be introduced to a number of specific d...

  • Working in Indigenous Cultural ContextsAIND90002

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:August Year:2019

    This subject will examine the diversity of protocols and management practices that arts and cultural managers need to be cognisant of when working in Australian Indigenous cultural contexts. Examining management concerns and practices across a range of art forms in both urban and remote settings,...

  • Working with Grammar in ContextEDUC90915

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject is designed for Teacher Candidates who want to develop their knowledge of the English language and how it works. The subject will provide a study of English as it relates to the teaching of language and literacy in the primary school and early secondary years with a focus on developi...