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  • Working with GroupsEDUC90227

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:July Year:2019

    A general review of systems theory and practice is presented, with the particular focus of assisting participants to understand the social system and to develop interventions in that context. The sessions cover: communication in groups (selective perception and culture, perception and communicati...

  • Working with Groups and CommunitiesSCWK90057

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:February Year:2019

    This subject is designed to introduce students to social work practice through the interventions of group work and community work. Several theoretical frameworks for group and community work will be explored and this will be contextualised in the current policy and political climate. Using case s...

  • Working with Marginalised Young PeoplePSYT90104

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:September Year:2019

    This unit will provide a comprehensive overview of the epidemiology of vulnerable, disadvantaged or marginalised youth populations, and evidence based interventions or models of care for responding to the needs of these groups. Content includes: Working with young people who identify as LGBTIQW...

  • Working with ValueANTH20007

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject explores how people come to value things as they do, critically engaging with a range of theoretical and ethnographic literature to ask how value may be created, enhanced and realised in different ways.  Students will be introduced to ways that anthropologists analyse and interpret v...

  • Workplace Health and SafetyLAWS70053

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:September Year:2019Quotas apply

    In 2010 all Australian governments publicly committed to implementing nationally uniform laws about workplace health and safety. This development is bringing to fruition a process that began 30 years ago. However, Victoria is one of two states that have not implemented the agreed national laws. T...

  • World Economic HistoryECON90056

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject provides an introduction to the development of economic activity and material well-being in the world since the year 1000 A.D. The main objectives are to present an overview of the main phases and episodes in the evolution of the world economy, and to develop an understanding of the ...

  • World Music Choir 1MUSI20143

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject introduces students to unaccompanied vocal traditions from around the world. Through weekly lectures, students learn to recognise the musical, social, and political significance of traditional and contemporary vocal styles of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. In weekly rehearsal...

  • World Trade Organisation LawLAWS50109

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019Quotas apply

    The regulation of international trade is both a driver and a result of economic globalization. Under the law of the World Trade Organization (WTO), governments agree to liberalise trade, refrain from discriminating between like products from foreign countries, harmonise certain regulatory framewo...

  • Writing About Art and the Moving ImageAHIS90008

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject will introduce students to the theory and practice of writing on contemporary art and the moving image. The distinct professional genres in which art writing is practised will be analysed as will the recent history of art theory. The subject will survey innovations and developments t...

  • Writing a Literature ReviewEDUC90867

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:March Year:2019

    This subject teaches doctoral students how to identify, analyse and synthesise published research findings that are of a high quality and relevant to their own research. Building upon this, it teaches students how to locate their own proposed research projects and questions within the broader res...

  • Writing and Editing for Digital MediaPUBL90006

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2019

    This introductory subject is designed to induct graduate students into the major issues and current thinking in web-based communication; to familiarize students with the major channels and platforms in use in this field; to develop an understanding of online genres, and teach essential writing an...

  • Writing and Editing for MagazinesPUBL90013

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject provides an overview of magazine writing, editing and publishing, with special emphasis on the skills needed to successfully produce magazines today. We examine how magazine editors conceive of audiences, and how they create print and digital magazines that serve the needs and desire...

  • Writing and Publishing ReportsMGMT90134

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019

    This subject will help students to become better and more skilled readers and writers of research in the fields of business and commerce. Students will build competencies in academic literacy that will be directed toward reading, writing, and publishing in both corporate and academic contexts. Th...

  • Writing and RewritingFLTV70044

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    Following on from ‘Major Script Project’ the previous semester, students undertake to write subsequent drafts of their script. Students are expected to submit as a minimum a completed second draft long form script; (most likely a feature film script) plus accompanying short documents, or televis...

  • Writing Animation 1FLTV10018

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    An introduction to storytelling, narrative and non-narrative structures, characters and worlds. There is an emphasis on understanding the writing in an historical context in writing for an animation production. Students attend 12 lectures that include screenings and discussions. Additional unsupe...

  • Writing Animation 2FLTV20019

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    WRITING ANIMATION 2 Advanced investigating and writing animation building on objectives accomplished in Writing Animation 1. In addition to further studies in fictional story and non-narrative writing, students will engage in writing from other perspectives and sources using adaptation and respon...

  • Writing as Women: Critical ReadingsENGL90002

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject is designed to introduce graduate students to a sequence of key women's texts across major historical periods. The set readings, which are all considered ‘seminal’ in feminist literary studies, span a number of different genres: polemic, memoir, epistolary non-fiction, the essay and ...

  • Writing AustraliaCWRI40014

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    In this subject students study a number of recent Australian literary works selected from a range of genres. The emphasis is on contemporary work. The approach will include discussion of ways of reading, and production of creative responses to the selected texts. Students will read one significan...

  • Writing for ChildrenCWRI90010

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019

    This subject introduces the creative writing student to contemporary literary and cultural theories pertinent to reading and analysing texts produced for children, as well as stimulating a creative engagement with children’s literature. Through the study and production of picture books, novels, s...

  • Writing for Performance 1 (Solo)THTR70008

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    In this practice-based subject the student writer undertakes a range of writing classes and exercises with the aim of developing techniques for the generation and structuring of original material for live performance; in working to a brief in diverse professional circumstances; and in evolving an...