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  • Inside the City of DiversityGEOG20008

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject examines how the spaces inside cities, the qualities and resources of their built environments, and the features of their neighbourhoods and communities, enhance or limit the opportunities of different groups of city dwellers. Starting from conceptual positions that foreground inequa...

  • Spanish 5SPAN10007

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    In this subject, students will continue to develop their linguistic and cultural competence in Spanish. They will also advance their skills in textual analysis, with a special focus on the long tradition of testimonial texts (testimonios), both in recent Spanish and Latin American history. Throug...

  • Clear Speech and CommunicationTHTR10019

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject is designed for students where English is a second language and develops fluency in spoken Australian English. Intensive study includes the application of the International Phonetic Alphabet to improve and develop the articulation of specific speech sounds for Australian English. Stu...

  • Ancient Greece: History and ArchaeologyANCW20022

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    The subject concentrates on mainland Greece and the Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the end of the Classical Period, examining what we know about the history and archaeology of these fascinating periods of ancient Greek history. The main emphases will be on the rise and fall of Bronze Age ci...

  • Spanish 7SPAN20022

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject is aimed at enabling students to substantially advance in their learning of Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, while also providing them with opportunities to develop workplace skills. In this subject, students will analyse sophisticated canonical and non-canonical texts that em...

  • Marketing CommunicationsMECM30013

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject focuses on the development, management and control of marketing communications, both locally and internationally. Topics will include advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and other elements of the marketing communications mix. Particular emphasis will be placed on the impo...

  • Spanish 6SPAN10008

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    The focus of this subject will be on the improvement of students’ oral and written language competence and the learning of textual study skills in Spanish, through the study of selected oral and written narratives. These particular texts are part of the long tradition of Spanish and Latin America...

  • Variation in Japanese LanguageJAPN10010

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    The diversity of language within Japanese, be it phonetical, lexical, morphological, grammatical and strategical, exist according to the speaker’s gender, age, hometown and type of communication one is engaged in. To ensure successful communication in Japanese, one must learn not only the ‘standa...

  • Europe and its OthersEURO30005

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject explores portrayals and perceptions of perceived “Others” in Europe – such as Jews, Muslims, “gypsies” and refugees - and how they have contributed to European identities in the past and today. Looking at literature, film, philosophy, music, food and popular culture, the subject will...

  • Greek PhilosophyPHIL20040

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject examines the ideas of pre-Socratic philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. We focus specifically on the philosophical innovations of the Ancient Greeks, both in their contributions of radically new ideas and radically new methodologies. Specific questions to be discussed will i...

  • Italian 5ITAL30013

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    Students continue intensive revision and further development of the major areas of contemporary Italian language and culture. Through the analysis of language structures with a practical focus, students will extend their linguistic capacities in reading, writing, listening, speaking and describin...

  • Managing Justice: Agencies and the StateCRIM30010

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject examines the intersections between social justice and criminal justice in the state's management of individuals and groups it considers to be at risk of harming, or being harmed, by others. Its core interests are to explore the relationship between different agencies and the state in...

  • Personality and Social PsychologyPSYC20009

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject examines human individuality and relatedness, the core themes of personality and social psychology. Its focus is on how we are unique individuals but also connected to others. The personality section investigates the nature and structure of individual differences, how these differenc...

  • Media and SocietyMECM10003

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject provides students with a thematic overview of the study of media and communications. The subject addresses the production and distribution of media and the work of media audiences in historical and contemporary contexts. It engages students in debates over the relative analytical pow...

  • Understanding Australian MediaMECM20006

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject examines Australian media with an emphasis on its political nature and issues of media convergence, citizenship, policy, regulation, ownership, governance and local content. Students are encouraged to actively, and critically, examine their own media use. Drawing on this, and a range...

  • Critical Analytical SkillsMULT20003

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject introduces students to the fundamental analytic skills that are used in social science research. It provides an introduction to the theoretical and epistemological foundations of social science research, familiarises students with the different methods of inquiry in the social scienc...

  • Writing Radical PerformanceCWRI30015

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject engages with the theoretical, practical and technical aspects of script writing for performance. Through a rigorous examination of the work of key artists and writing from the 1960s onwards, students will devise concepts for radical performance and enhance their scriptwriting practic...

  • Italian 6ITAL20010

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Students in this subject intensively revise and further develop their knowledge of contemporary Italian language and culture. The subject combines analysis of language structures with a practical focus, all designed to extend students’ linguistic capacities in reading, writing, listening, speakin...

  • French and Francophone Cultural StudiesFREN20016

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject aims to consolidate and enhance the overall language competencies that students from the beginner and intermediate streams have previously acquired in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will be introduced to the rich history and diversity of the Francophonie, and invi...

  • Poetry, Love, and DeathENGL20032

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Reading a poem involves nothing more than reading the words in front of you in the order in which they appear. Which means that if you can read, you can read poetry. So why take this subject? The answer requires understanding the word “reading” in a particular sense: as a noun rather than as a ve...