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Gender and Development specialisation

Informal specialisationYear: 2019

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The Master of Development Studies (specialisation in Gender & Development) provides specialist training and a professional qualification for graduates who are working, or seeking to work in development field. It is especially relevant to those with an interest in pursing careers in fields related to gender and development. The program is designed to give students a firm grounding both in theories about gender and development and in practical concerns surrounding planning for gender in development projects within government and non-government organisations. The program does not necessarily lead to higher degree study, but high achieving students who complete the thesis option may qualify for entry to a masters by research or PhD.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete the Masters of Development Studies (specialisation in Gender and Development) should:

  • demonstrate a sound understanding of recent developments in feminist theory and the literature in gender and development;
  • understand the issues involved in debates about the relationships between gender and the development process;
  • develop an understanding of contemporary feminist debates about gender and development and the relationship of these debates to other areas of social enquiry; and
  • know and be able to use some of the techniques employed in development planning.
Last updated: 28 May 2019