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Informal specialisationYear: 2019

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Students specialising in Ageing will acquire knowledge and skills in both the theory and practice of multi-disciplinary aspects of Ageing according to the subjects selected. As populations and workforces age, the demand for skilled professionals will continue to increase rapidly. An Ageing specialisation will give MPH students an edge in that area of the employment market. The Ageing subjects are designed to provide an overview of Ageing Societies from different disciplines and engage with examples from around the world. Students will identify and discuss current and key challenges in Ageing from a global perspective. They will develop an informed understanding of research principle, concepts and methods applicable to the field of Ageing and will learn to articulate the ways in which age, gender, ethnicity and indigenous status, society, culture, geography, the environment, disability and socio-economic status influence the ageing experience. Systems, structures and policies that address ageing in Australia and other countries are examined, along with strategies aimed to promote healthy and productive ageing across the lifespan. Students will be challenged to apply comprehensive knowledge of the Ageing experience from conceptual and practical dimensions of the course in developing solutions to complex Ageing issues.

Intended learning outcomes


Last updated: 19 September 2019