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Agricultural Economics

MajorYear: 2019

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This major will provide graduates with a depth and breadth of understanding of economics in the context of agricultural production systems. Students will study subjects in economics, resource and farm management, and value chain analysis. Graduates of this major will be well equipped to analyse agricultural systems from an economic perspective, and provide advice on management decision making.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this major, students will have

  • A strong understanding of the principles of agricultural economics and enterprise management
  • A 'systems-thinking' approach to agricultural production chains
  • The ability to critically evaluate options, and formulate plans that will ensure the long term financial and economic sustainability of production systems
  • Skills to effectively analyse agricultural problems from an economic perspective and reach appropriate solutions;
  • An understanding of current issues facing agricultural production systems
  • The ability to communicate and discuss industry and economic information with relevant stakeholders
  • The capacity for initiating and maintaining cooperative relationships with colleagues
  • The ability to analyse and interpret agricultural financial data for appropriate decision making
Last updated: 9 July 2019