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Chinese Societies

MinorYear: 2019

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The Chinese Societies minor acquaints students with the literature and cultural history of China. It provides students with the foundation for further work at the graduate level in Chinese, Asian Studies or allied fields (linguistics, culture, history, literature, religion, and regional studies). It is an excellent general preparation for entry to professions, such academic teaching and research, foreign service, diplomacy, translation, business, import and export of information and culture, museums and libraries, tourism, and the like.

Intended learning outcomes

• Demonstrate an understanding of cultural issues past and present in China and an ability to interact with Chinese culture;
• Acquire transferable skills that can be used in other occupations, such as social confidence to communicate across cultures;
• Develop foundational research skills in the analysis of critical issues in China;
• Develop time management skills, organising time and priorities;
• Develop team working skills, being capable of carrying out project work independently or in groups.

Last updated: 1 May 2019