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Honours Program - Veterinary Bioscience

MajorYear: 2018

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Honours in Veterinary Bioscience is a one-year program designed to extend students' knowledge and skills through a supervised research project together with advanced coursework in veterinary bioscience.

Admission requirements

In addition to satisfying the Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours) or the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) entry requirements, students are required to have completed stream specific prerequisite.

Intended learning outcomes

The objectives of the Honours program in Veterinary Bioscience include providing students with opportunities to

  • Conduct research in veterinary bioscience (current research areas include Animal production, performance and welfare;Infectious diseases, public health and biosecurity;Cell biology and morphology; Animal biotechnology)
  • The ability to disseminate scientific and industry information
  • Skills to effectively analyse, and scientifically evaluate veterinary bioscience problems and reach appropriate solutions
  • Effective communication skills in a variety of media;An understanding of the research methodologies necessary to design and interpret experiments
  • A commitment to the highest standards of academic and intellectual integrity befitting their professional standing


The research project component of the Honours program in Veterinary Bioscience can be undertaken at either the Parkville or Werribee campuses. The coursework component is generally undertaken at the Parkville campus but some seminars can also be delivered at the Werribee campus.

Last updated: 20 December 2017