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Spanish and Latin American Studies

Specialisation (formal)Year: 2019

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The Diploma in Languages provides students with the opportunity to gain a Diploma in Spanish language study while completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne.

Spanish and Latin American Studies

The Spanish and Latin American studies program at The University of Melbourne offers language options at all levels together with a growing number of cultural studies subjects in areas as diverse as literature (from Don Quixote to contemporary classics), cinema, popular culture, food studies, gender studies, and area studies in both European and Latin American studies.

The Spanish and Latin American Studies program will allow you to acquireand improve on Spanish language skills and increase your awareness of Spanish and Latin American culture through a variety of authentic written and spoken and visual materials. You will also learn to interact with other Spanish speakers at a sophisticated level. The program will also provide opportunities to undertake independent research projects into areas including language, literature, culture, politics, cinema, theatre, music, food and identity. The program has agreements with prestigious universities in Spain and Latin America, which allow students to undertake exchange and study abroad options as part of their Spanish studies.

Spanish language subjects are organised in a progressive sequence (of units) from Spanish 1 to 7 through to the Spanish Electives. Students may enter at any point, subject to placement testing and/or prerequisites, and normally progress through the sequence in consecutive order. Accelerated progression and mid-year entry are also possible in special cases with the permission of the course convenor. Mid-year entry is also possible into subjects with even numbers.

Last updated: 29 November 2018