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  • Bachelor of Commerce (Degree with Honours)BH-COM

    undergraduate course Year:2018

    The honours year is an additional (fourth) year of specialised study in one of the following disciplines: accounting, finance, actuarial studies or economics and related areas. It is an integrated program with small classes and an emphasis on research and specialised subject areas. The honours y...

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre)B-FAMUSTH

    undergraduate course Year:2018

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a three-year degree which offers immersive and experiential practice-based studio studies in seven areas of specialisation (Visual Art, Film and Television, Contemporary Music, Music Theatre, Theatre Practice, Dance and Production). It features an intense and student-...

  • Bachelor of Science (Extended)B-SCIEXT

    undergraduate course Year:2018

    The Bachelor of Science (Extended) is a four-year program that provides a transition into tertiary science and technology study and is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. A year of study in addition to the three-year BSc program provides students with foundation knowledge...

  • Bachelor of Agriculture (Degree with Honours)BH-AGR

    undergraduate course Year:2018

    The honours year in Bachelor of Agriculture, comprises advanced coursework, and an individual research project designed to extend students' knowledge and skills in solving research problems. These honours programs can be undertaken on a full-time basis only. The program can commence at the start ...

  • Diploma in MusicD-MUSIC

    undergraduate course Year:2018

    The Diploma in Music provides students with the opportunity to undertake a tailored sequence of music study and gain a music qualification while completing an undergraduate degree in another field at The University of Melbourne. It is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, Biomed...