Making course decisions

You are strongly advised to discuss your course plan, major and breadth subjects with a student adviser.


Breadth subjects are subjects you can select from outside your major study area.

Breadth Tracks

A breadth track is a coherent group of subjects that progressively develops knowledge and skills relevant to a particular domain, theme, topic or issue. Students are encouraged to include at least one breadth track in their breadth studies.

University breadth subjects

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
UNIB10003An Ecological History of Humanity1Semester 1
UNIB20013Body, Mind and Medicine: A Dissection2Semester 2
UNIB10013Catastrophes as Turning Points1Semester 2
UNIB30003Climate Change III: Responding to Change3Semester 2
UNIB20001Climate Change ll2Semester 1
UNIB10006Critical Thinking With Data1Semester 1
UNIB20019Cultures & Flavours of Latin America2Semester 1
UNIB20008Drugs That Shape Society2Semester 2
UNIB20014Food For a Healthy Planet II2Semester 2
UNIB10009Food for a Healthy Planet1Semester 1
UNIB30010Food for a Healthy Planet III3Semester 1
UNIB10010Generating the Wealth of Nations1Not Offered
UNIB30002Global Health, Security & Sustainability3Semester 1
UNIB20018Going Places - Travelling Smarter2Semester 1, Semester 2
UNIB20009Human Rights and Global Justice2Semester 2
UNIB10012Intercultural Effectiveness1Not Offered
UNIB10005Internet Meets Society1Semester 2
UNIB10007Introduction to Climate Change1Semester 2
UNIB20005Language and Computation2Not Offered
UNIB30005Living Longer: A Global Diagnosis3Semester 2
UNIB10002Logic: Language and Information1Semester 1
UNIB10014Philosophy, Politics and Economics1Semester 2
UNIB20016Same-Sex Desire: From God to Genes2Semester 1
UNIB10004Seeing: The Whole Picture1Not Offered
UNIB30007Sex, Race, Species and Social Justice3Semester 2
UNIB30004Sex: Science and the Community3Semester 2
UNIB20004Technical Art History and Fraud2Not Offered
UNIB10011The Secret Life of the Body 11Semester 1, Semester 2
UNIB20012Water for Sustainable Futures2Semester 1
UNIB30008Wines of the World3February, July

Agriculture, animal studies, food science and veterinary science

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
AGRI20033Agricultural and Resource Economics2Semester 2
DASC20014Animals and Society 2: Humans & Animals2Semester 2
VETS10024Animals in Extensive Production Systems1Not Offered
DASC10002Animals in Society 1: Introduction1Semester 2
AGRI10039Australia in the Wine World1February, July, Semester 2
FOOD10001Beer Styles and Sensory Analysis1Semester 1
AGRI30012Food & Water:Global Issues Local Impacts3September
AGRI30011Innovation Change & Knowledge Transfer3July
FOOD20007Principles of Brewing2July
AGRI20003Sustainable Food Systems2June

Architecture, building and planning

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
ABPL20027Architecture Design Studio: Earth2Semester 1
ABPL20028Architecture Design Studio: Water2Semester 2
ABPL30062Architecture in the Islamic World3Not Offered
ABPL30049Case Studies in Landscape Architecture3Semester 1
ABPL20035Cities: From Local to Global2Semester 1
ABPL20045City Futures2Semester 2
ABPL20033Construction Analysis2Semester 2
ABPL30039Construction Contract Administration3Semester 2
ABPL30041Construction Design3Semester 1
ABPL30055Construction Management3Semester 1
ABPL20053Construction of Concrete Buildings2Semester 2
ABPL20042Construction of Residential Buildings2Semester 1
ABPL20036Environmental Building Systems2Semester 1, Semester 2
ABPL30053Formative Ideas in Architecture3Semester 2
ABPL20030Foundations of Architecture2Semester 1
ABPL10004Global Foundations of Design1Semester 1, Semester 2
ABPL20054Hacking Cities - Upgrading Urban Life2Winter Term
ABPL20039History of Designed Landscapes2Semester 2
ABPL10006History of Landscape Design1Semester 2
ABPL30040Measurement of Building Works3Semester 1
ABPL30050Modern Architecture: MoMo to PoMo3Semester 1
ABPL20031Principles of Property2Semester 1
ABPL20004Principles of Property Valuation2Semester 2
ABPL30012Property Management3Semester 2
ABPL30006Property Resource Analysis3Semester 1
ABPL30046Steel and Concrete Structural Systems3Semester 1
ABPL20041The Construction Context2Not Offered
ABPL10005Understanding the Built Environment1Semester 1
ABPL20037Urban Design Studies2Semester 1
ABPL20034Urban History2Semester 1
ABPL10003Visualising Environments1Semester 1, Semester 2

Commerce, economics and management

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
ACCT10003Accounting Processes and Analysis1Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCT10001Accounting Reports and Analysis1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCT20004Accounting for Corporate Entities2Not Offered
MKTG30010Advertising and Promotions3Semester 2
FNCE30010Algorithmic Trading3Semester 2
ECOM30003Applied Microeconometric Modelling3Semester 2
FNCE30004Asian Capital Markets3Semester 2
ECON30026Auctions and Bidding3Not Offered
ACCT30004Auditing and Assurance Services3Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON20008Australian Economic History2Not Offered
ECOM30001Basic Econometrics3Semester 1
ECON30019Behavioural Economics3Semester 2
MKTG20006Brand Management2Semester 1
ECON30014Business Applications of Economics3Not Offered
MGMT20005Business Decision Analysis2Semester 1
ECON20006Business Economics and e-Commerce2Not Offered
FNCE20001Business Finance2Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCT20006Business Forensics and Fraud2Semester 2
MGMT20011Business Negotiations2Winter Term
IBUS20001Business in Asia2Semester 2
IBUS20002Business in the Global Economy2Semester 2
IBUS30004Chinese Business and Economy3Semester 1
ECON20005Competition and Strategy2Semester 2
ECON30025Computational Economics and Business3Not Offered
MKTG20001Consumer Behaviour2Semester 1
FNCE30002Corporate Finance3Semester 1, Semester 2
FNCE20005Corporate Financial Decision Making2Not Offered
ACCT20001Cost Management2Semester 1, Semester 2
MGMT20007Cross-Cultural Management and Teamwork2Not Offered
FNCE30007Derivative Securities3Semester 1, Semester 2
MKTG30009Digital Marketing3Semester 2
ECON30012Ecological Economics3Not Offered
ECOM30002Econometrics3Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON30013Economic Analysis and Policy3Not Offered
ECON30002Economic Development3Semester 2
ECON30024Economics of Financial Markets3Not Offered
ECON30007Economics of Food Markets3Semester 2
ECON30027Economics of Innovation3Not Offered
ECON20004Economics of the Environment2Not Offered
ECON30018Economics of the Law3Semester 1
ACCT30002Enterprise Performance Management3Semester 1, Semester 2
FNCE30006Entrepreneurial Finance3Semester 1
MKTG20007Entrepreneurial Marketing2Semester 2
ECON30011Environmental Economics3Semester 2
FNCE30009Ethics in Finance3Summer Term
ECON30022Experimental Economics3Semester 2
FNCE10001Finance 11Summer Term
ACCT30001Financial Accounting Theory3Semester 1, Semester 2
ECOM20002Forecasting in Economics and Business2Semester 1
MKTG20009Global Marketing2Semester 1
ECON20007Globalisation and the World Economy2Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON30023Health Economics3Not Offered
ECON30008History of Economic Thought3Semester 1
ECON30003Industrial Economics3Semester 2
ACCT20002Intermediate Financial Accounting2Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON20001Intermediate Macroeconomics2Semester 2
ECON20002Intermediate Microeconomics2Summer Term, Semester 1
IBUS30002International Corporate Governance3Not Offered
FNCE30003International Finance3Semester 2
MGMT30004International Human Resource Management3Semester 2
ECON30001International Trade Policy3Semester 1
ACTL10001Introduction to Actuarial Studies1Semester 2
FNCE20004Introduction to Real Estate Analysis2Semester 1
ECOM20001Introductory Econometrics2Semester 1, Semester 2
ACCT10002Introductory Financial Accounting1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON10003Introductory Macroeconomics1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON10004Introductory Microeconomics1Semester 1, Semester 2
FNCE20003Introductory Personal Finance2Semester 1
FNCE30001Investments3Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON30006Labour Economics3Not Offered
ECON30009Macroeconomics3Semester 2
FNCE20002Management of Financial Institutions2Semester 2
IBUS30003Managing Conflict in Global Workplaces3Semester 2
MGMT20009Managing Employee Relations2Semester 2
MGMT30006Managing Entrepreneurship and Innovation3Semester 2
MGMT20004Managing Human Resources2Semester 1, Semester 2
MGMT20002Managing Operations2Semester 1
MGMT30005Managing Strategic Change3Semester 2
MGMT30015Managing Work and Your Career3Semester 1
MGMT30002Managing in Contemporary Organisations3Not Offered
MGMT20006Managing the Multinational2Not Offered
MKTG20004Market and Business Research2Semester 2
MKTG30007Marketing and Society3Not Offered
ECON30010Microeconomics3Semester 1
ECON30005Money and Banking3Semester 2
MKTG30008Neuromarketing3Semester 2
MGMT20001Organisational Behaviour2Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
ECON30017Organisations, Economics and Incentives3Not Offered
MGMT30008Organisations, Ethics and Society3Not Offered
FNCE10002Principles of Finance1Semester 1, Semester 2
MGMT10002Principles of Management1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
MKTG10001Principles of Marketing1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
MKTG30011Product Management3Semester 1
MGMT20003Project Management2Semester 1
FNCE30005Real Estate Finance3Not Offered
ECON30021Regional Economics3Not Offered
MKTG30006Retail Management3Semester 1
MKTG30003Service and Relationship Marketing3Semester 1
ECON20011Sports Economics2Not Offered
MGMT30013Strategic Management3Semester 1
MKTG20008Strategic Marketing2Semester 2
MGMT30011Supply Chain Management3Summer Term, Semester 1
ECON30016The Economics of Taxation3Not Offered
MGMT30019The Future of Work3Summer Term
ECOM30004Time Series Analysis and Forecasting3Semester 2

Education, teaching and training

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
EDUC20076AUSLAN and Visual Communication2July
ESLA10003Academic English 11Semester 1, Semester 2
ESLA10004Academic English 21Semester 2
ESLA10005Academic English: Economics and Business1Semester 1
EDUC30070Applying Coaching Science3Semester 2
EDUC20064Concepts of Childhood2Semester 1
EDUC10049Creative Projects-Digital Technologies1Semester 2
EDUC10048Creativity, Play and the Arts1Semester 1
EDUC20069Deafness and Communication2Semester 2
EDUC10054Drawing, Painting and Sensory Knowing1Semester 1, Semester 2
EDUC30074Education, Politics and Social Movements3Semester 2
EDUC30065Ethics, gender and the family3Semester 1
CCDP10001Games & Playfulness1Not Offered
EDUC30071Knowledge and Learning in Professions3July
EDUC20065Knowledge, Learning and Culture2Semester 1
EDUC10056Learning and the Digital Generations1Semester 1
EDUC20070Learning via Sport and Outdoor Education2Semester 1, Semester 2
EDUC20081Literacy, Power and Learning2July
EDUC10059Performance, Potential and Development1Semester 2
EDUC20078Pop-up Theatre: Performance in Community2February
EDUC20074Positive Communities and Organisations2Semester 2
EDUC30072Positive Leadership and Careers3Not Offered
EDUC20077Printing, Collage and Social Engagement2Semester 1
EDUC20073Relating Health and Learning2Semester 1
EDUC20080School Experience as Breadth2Semester 1, Semester 2
EDUC10058School of Rock: Popular Music Learning1Not Offered
EDUC10053Spontaneous Drama:Improv and Communities1Semester 2
EDUC20068Sport, Education and the Media2Semester 1, Semester 2
EDUC30073Sport, Leadership and the Community3July
EDUC10051Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
EDUC20063Story, Children and the Arts2Semester 2
CCDP20001Street Art2Semester 1, Semester 2
EDUC10050Understanding Knowing and Learning1Semester 2
EDUC10057Wellbeing, Motivation and Performance1Summer Term, Semester 1
EDUC20062Youth Arts: Expressing Cultural Identity2July
EDUC20075Youth Leading Change2July
EDUC30067Youth and Popular Culture3Semester 2

Engineering and geomatics

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
ENGR30002Fluid Mechanics3Semester 1, Semester 2
MCEN30018Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics3Semester 1, Semester 2

Environment and natural resources

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
ENVS10012Changing Melbourne1Semester 1, Semester 2
ENVS10004Designing Environments1Semester 1, Semester 2
ENVS20001Digital Design and Fabrication2Semester 1
FRST30002Fire in the Australian Landscape3Semester 2
FRST20014Forests in a Global Context2September
ENVS10005Governing Environments1Semester 2
ECOL30007Marine Ecosystems: Ecology & Management3Semester 1
ENVS10010Property Environments1Not Offered
FRST20011Protected Area Management2Not Offered
ENVS10002Reshaping Environments1Semester 1
ENVS10007Urban Environments1Semester 1, Semester 2

Historical, philosophical, political and social studies

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
HPSC20002A History of Nature2Summer Term
HIST30004A History of Sexualities3Semester 1
HIST30068A History of Violence3Semester 2
EURO20007A Taste of Europe: Melbourne Intensive2Summer Term
EURO30006A Taste of Europe: Melbourne Intensive3Summer Term
AIND30010Aboriginal Cultural Studies3Semester 1
AIND20005Aboriginal Land, Law and Philosophy2Semester 2
AIND20008Aboriginal Women and Coloniality2Semester 1
AIND30011Aboriginal Writing3Semester 2
HIST10010Age of Empires1Semester 2
HIST20071American History from JFK to Obama2Semester 2
HIST20059American History: Revolution to WWII2Semester 1
POLS30030American Politics3Semester 2
ANCW10001Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia1Semester 1
ANCW10006Ancient Egyptian 11Semester 1
ANCW10007Ancient Egyptian 21Semester 2
ANCW20022Ancient Greece: History and Archaeology2Semester 1
CLAS10004Ancient Greek 11Semester 1, Winter Term
CLAS10005Ancient Greek 21Semester 2
CLAS10020Ancient Greek 31Semester 1
CLAS20015Ancient Greek 32Semester 1
CLAS10021Ancient Greek 41Semester 2
CLAS20016Ancient Greek 42Semester 2
CLAS20013Ancient Greek 52Semester 1
CLAS20014Ancient Greek 62Semester 2
AIND10003Ancient and Contemporary Indigenous Arts1July, Summer Term
ANTH20008Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality2Semester 1
ANTH30004Anthropology of Kinship and Family3Semester 2
ANTH30009Anthropology of Nature3Semester 1
ANTH10001Anthropology: Studying Human Diversity1Semester 2
AHIS10001Art History: Theory and Controversy1Semester 1
AIND10004Art and Indigenous Voice1Semester 1
AHIS20016Art and Revolution2Semester 1
AHIS20019Art in Medieval Europe2Not Offered
AHIS20018Art, Market and Methods2Semester 2
ASIA20004Asian Arts: Networks and Hubs2Not Offered
ASIA20002Asian Century: Meaning and Impact2Semester 1
ASIA30003Asian Religions in Societal Context3Semester 1
HPSC20015Astronomy in World History2Summer Term
HIST20070Australia in the World 1914 to 20142Semester 2
AHIS20002Australian Art2Semester 1
AIND20010Australian Environmental Philosophy2Semester 2
POLS30019Australian Foreign Policy3Semester 2
POLS10001Australian Politics1Semester 1
POLS30007Australian Politics in the Long Run3Semester 2
AHIS20020Avant-Garde and Postmodern Art2Semester 2
ANCW30004Beyond Babylon3Semester 2
HIST20077Britain in the Wider World 1603-18152Semester 1
POLS30032Campaigns and Elections3Semester 2
GEOG20010China in Transition2Semester 1
POLS30011Chinese Politics and Society3Semester 1
ANCW20015Classical Mythology2Semester 2, Winter Term
HIST30066Cold War Cultures in Asia3Semester 1
POLS20023Comparative Politics2Semester 1
HIST30069Confucianism, Communism, Capitalism3Semester 1
AHIS30005Contemporary Aboriginal Art3Semester 2
AHIS30020Contemporary Art3Semester 1
JEWI30006Contemporary Israeli Culture & Identity3Not Offered
POLS20006Contemporary Political Theory2Semester 2
HIST30064Controversies in Australian History3Semester 1
HIST20078Crisis Continent: Europe's 20th Century2Semester 2
ISLM30015Crisis Zone: Middle Eastern Politics3Semester 1
ISLM20015Crisis Zone: Middle Eastern Politics2Semester 1
SOTH30001Critical Theories3July
ANTH20006Culture Change and Protest Movements2Not Offered
HPSC20001Darwinism: History of a Very Big Idea2Semester 2
HPSC10003Debating Science in Society1Semester 2
POLS30033Democracy and its Dilemmas3Semester 1
DEVT20001Development in the 21st Century2Semester 2
SOCI30012Digital Technology and Social Change3Semester 2
ANCW20003Egypt Under the Pharaohs2Semester 2
ANCW20013Egyptian and Near Eastern Mythology2Not Offered
HPSC20022Electricity: An Experimental History2Semester 2
ANTH20012Engaging the World in Theory & Practice2Semester 1
PHIL20008Ethical Theory2Semester 2
ISLM30003Ethical Traditions in Islam3Semester 2
ANTH20011Ethnic Nationalism and the Modern World2Semester 2
EURO30005Europe: Making and Breaking of Nations3Semester 1
EURO20006Europe: Making and Breaking of Nations2Semester 1
POLS30018European Integration: Politics of the EU3Semester 1
EURO20002European Modernism2Semester 2
EURO30003European Modernism3Semester 2
AHIS20011European Renaissance Art2Semester 1
EURO10002Eurovisions1Semester 2
HPSC30036Forensic Science & the Law: A Case Study3July
HPSC10001From Plato to Einstein1Semester 2
GEND30004Gender, Culture and Psychoanalysis3Not Offered
ASIA20003Genders and Desires in Asia2Semester 1
GEND20003Genders, Bodies & Sexualities2Semester 1
POLS30022Global Environmental Politics3Semester 2
GEOG20011Global Inequalities In The Anthropocene2Semester 2
AHIS30022Global Renaissance3Semester 2
GEOG10003Global Youth1Semester 2
HPSC20020God and the Natural Sciences2Semester 1
PHIL20040Greek Philosophy2Semester 2
GEND20007Hidden Histories: Gender and Testimony2Not Offered
AIND30008Historicising the Colonial Mythscape3Semester 2
PHIL20043History of Early Modern Philosophy2Not Offered
HIST30010Hitler's Germany3Semester 2
ANCW30021Imperial Rome: Mediterranean Superpower3Not Offered
AIND20011Indigenous Art and Changing the Nation2Semester 2
ASIA20005Indonesian Politics and Society2Semester 2
GEOG20008Inside the City of Diversity2Semester 2
ANCW10008Intensive Akkadian 11Summer Term
ANCW10009Intensive Akkadian 21Winter Term
CLAS30004Intensive Beginners Latin3Summer Term
CLAS20021Intensive Beginners Latin2Summer Term
ANCW10004Intensive Syriac Aramaic1Summer Term
POLS30015International Gender Politics3Semester 1
INTS10001International Politics1Semester 2
POLS20025International Relations: Key Questions2Semester 2
POLS10003Introduction to Political Ideas1Semester 2
ISLM30010Islam and the Making of Europe3Not Offered
ISLM10002Islam in the Modern World1Semester 2
ISLM20009Islam, Media and Conflict2Semester 1
ISLM20011Islamic Law in a Changing World2Not Offered
JEWI20006Israelis & Palestinians: Conflict, Peace2Semester 2
PHIL30051Justice, Freedom and Equality3Semester 2
ANTH20001Keeping the Body in Mind2Semester 1
AIND20007Key Thinkers and Concepts2Semester 1
PHIL30016Knowledge and Reality3Semester 1
ASIA20006Korea Today: Culture and Institutions2Semester 2
ASIA10001Language and Power in Asian Societies1Semester 1
EURO20001Language and Society in Europe2Not Offered
PHIL20042Language, Self and Other2Not Offered
CLAS10006Latin 11Summer Term, Semester 1
CLAS10007Latin 21Summer Term, Semester 2
CLAS10012Latin 31Semester 1
CLAS20029Latin 32Semester 1
CLAS10014Latin 41Semester 2
CLAS20031Latin 42Semester 2
CLAS30013Latin 53Semester 1
CLAS20030Latin 52Semester 1
CLAS30009Latin 63Semester 2
CLAS20026Latin 62Semester 2
SOLS30001Law in Social Theory3Semester 1
SOLS10001Law in Society1Semester 2
SOLS20001Law, Justice and Social Change2Semester 2
SOCI30009Living in a Risk Society3Semester 1
HPSC30034Magic, Reason, New Worlds, 1450-17503Semester 1
PHIL20030Meaning, Possibility and Paradox2Semester 2
ASIA20001Media and Urban Culture in Asia2Semester 1
HIST10007Medieval Plague, War and Heresy1Semester 1
ANCW30024Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology3Semester 1
EURO20003Memory & Memoirs of 20th Century Europe2Not Offered
EURO30002Memory & Memoirs of 20th Century Europe3Not Offered
HIST20075Migrant Nation: A History of Migration2Not Offered
HPSC30019Minds and Madness3Semester 2
HIST20035Modern & Contemporary Ireland Since 17902Not Offered
AHIS10002Modern Art: The Politics of the New1Semester 2
HIST20069Modern European History 1789 to 19142Semester 1
JEWI20007Modern Israel: Good Bad and Disputed2Semester 1
HIST20034Modern Southeast Asia2Semester 2
SOTH20002Modernity: Foundations of Sociology2Semester 1
ANCW10002Myth, Art and Empire: Greece and Rome1Semester 2
PHIL20038Nietzsche and Critics2Not Offered
PHIL30047Objectivity and Value3Semester 2
PHIL20041Phenomenology and Existentialism2Semester 2
PHIL10002Philosophy: The Big Questions1Semester 1
PHIL10003Philosophy: The Great Thinkers1Semester 2
HIST20072Pirates and their Enemies2Semester 1
POLS20031Political Economy2Semester 2
POLS20026Politics and the Media2Semester 2
GEOG20012Post-Conflict Development and Difference2Semester 1
ANTH30005Power, Ideology and Inequality3Semester 1
ANCW30023Practical Archaeology3Summer Term
SOTH30004Psychoanalysis and Social Theory3Not Offered
POLS20008Public Policy Making2Semester 2
PHIL30052Race and Gender: Philosophical Issues3Semester 2
HIST30059Race in America3Semester 2
AIND20009Racial Literacy: Indigeneity & Whiteness2Semester 1
HIST20065Rebels and Revolutionaries2Semester 1
HPSC10002Science and Pseudoscience1Semester 1
HPSC30023Science and Society3Semester 1
PHIL20001Science, Reason and Reality2Semester 2
HPSC30035Scientific Practice and Human Inquiry3Semester 2
EURO20005Screening Europe: Image and Identity2Not Offered
EURO30004Screening Europe: Image and Identity3Not Offered
GEND20008Sex and Gender Present and Future2Semester 1
GEND10001Sex, Gender and Culture: An Introduction1Semester 2
GEND20001Sex, Gender and Power2Semester 2
SOCI30010Social Differences and Inequalities3Semester 1
SOTH20003Social Theory and Political Analysis2Not Offered
ANTH30003Society, Politics, and the Sacred3Semester 2
SOCI20016Sociology of Culture2Semester 2
SOCI10002Sociology of Work and Occupations1Semester 2
SOCI20014Sociology of Youth2Semester 2
ISLM20016Sufism: The Spiritual Dimension of Islam2Semester 1
HPSC20009Technology & Contemporary Life2Semester 1
SOCI20007Terrorism: Shifting Paradigms2Semester 1
ANCW30016The Age of Alexander the Great3Semester 2
AHIS30003The Age of Golden Ages: Art in Europe3Semester 1
DEVT10001The Developing World1Semester 1
PHIL20044The Ethics of Capitalism2Semester 1
HIST20010The First Centuries of Islam2Semester 2
PHIL30024The Foundations of Interpretation3Semester 1
HIST20068The French Revolution2Semester 2
HIST10014The Great War 1914 to 19181Semester 1
HIST20013The Holocaust & Genocide2Winter Term
AHIS30021The Medieval Image: Art and Culture3Semester 2
HIST30015The Modern Middle East3Semester 1
PHIL20039The Nature of Reality2Semester 1
PHIL20033The Philosophy of Mind2Semester 1
POLS20011The Politics of Sex2Semester 1
PHIL30043The Power and Limits of Logic3Semester 1
ISLM20003The Qur'an: An Introduction2Summer Term
HIST30006The Renaissance in Italy3Semester 2
ANCW20019The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic2Semester 1
HIST10012The World Since World War II1Semester 2
HIST20060Total War: World War II2Semester 1
HIST30070Town and Country in China and the West3Not Offered
HIST20073Town and Country in China and the West2Not Offered
HIST30065USA and the World3Semester 1
ISLM10001Understanding Islam and Muslim Societies1Semester 1
SOCI10001Understanding Society1Semester 1
ANCW30011Underworld and Afterlife3Semester 1
HIST30071Urban Legends: Melbourne Intensive3Summer Term
HIST20052Venice and Cultures of Consumption2November
HIST30051Venice and Cultures of Consumption3November
ANTH20007Working with Value2Semester 2

Information technology and systems

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
ISYS30008Business Analytics3Not Offered
ISYS20007ECommerce2Not Offered
ISYS10001Foundations of Information Systems1Semester 2
ISYS20006Shaping the Enterprise with ICT2Not Offered

Language, literature and cultural studies

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
ENGL20031Adaptation and Transgression2Not Offered
CHIN20026Advanced Chinese Translation2Semester 2
CHIN30005Advanced Chinese Translation3Semester 2
CWRI30014Advanced Screenwriting3Semester 1
CHIN20022Advanced Seminar in Chinese2Semester 1
CHIN30007Advanced Seminar in Chinese3Semester 1
ENGL20023American Classics2Semester 2
INDO20001Analysing Indonesia: Concepts and Issues2January
MECM20012Analysing Professional Communication2Semester 1, Semester 2
CHIN30006Analysis of Contemporary Chinese Society3Semester 2
CHIN20021Analysis of Contemporary Chinese Society2Semester 2
MECM20011Approaches to Media Research2Semester 2
ARBC10005Arabic 11Semester 1
ARBC30003Arabic 103Semester 2
ARBC10006Arabic 21Semester 2
ARBC10001Arabic 31Semester 1
ARBC20004Arabic 32Semester 1
ARBC10002Arabic 41Semester 2
ARBC20005Arabic 42Semester 2
ARBC20006Arabic 52Semester 1
ARBC30004Arabic 53Semester 1
ARBC10003Arabic 51Semester 1
ARBC20007Arabic 62Semester 2
ARBC10004Arabic 61Semester 2
ARBC30005Arabic 63Semester 2
ARBC20002Arabic 72Semester 1
ARBC30006Arabic 73Semester 1
ARBC20003Arabic 82Semester 2
ARBC30007Arabic 83Semester 2
ARBC30002Arabic 93Semester 1
ARBC20001Arabic in Context 12Semester 1
ARBC30001Arabic in Context 23Semester 2
CULS30002Asian Cinema and Media3Semester 1
CWRI30013Biography and Autobiography3Semester 2
CHIN20008China Since Mao2Semester 2
CHIN10005Chinese 11Semester 1
CHIN20013Chinese 102Semester 2
CHIN10002Chinese 101Semester 2
CHIN10006Chinese 21Semester 2
CHIN10015Chinese 31Semester 1
CHIN20001Chinese 32Semester 1
CHIN20002Chinese 42Semester 2
CHIN10016Chinese 41Semester 2
CHIN20003Chinese 52Semester 1
CHIN10017Chinese 51Semester 1
CHIN30008Chinese 53Semester 1
CHIN30009Chinese 63Semester 2
CHIN20004Chinese 62Semester 2
CHIN10018Chinese 61Semester 2
CHIN10003Chinese 71Semester 1
CHIN20027Chinese 72Semester 1
CHIN10004Chinese 81Semester 2
CHIN20028Chinese 82Semester 2
CHIN10001Chinese 91Semester 1
CHIN20012Chinese 92Semester 1
CHIN10009Chinese Cinema1Semester 2
CHIN20016Chinese Cinema2Semester 2
CHIN30018Chinese Cinema3Semester 2
CHIN30012Chinese Economic Documents3Semester 1
CHIN20009Chinese Economic Documents2Semester 1
CHIN30003Chinese News Analysis3Semester 2
CHIN20007Chinese Studies: Culture and Empire2Semester 1
CHIN20010Chinese in Context 12Semester 1
CHIN20011Chinese in Context 22Semester 2
CULS30003City Cultures3Semester 2
CHIN30001Classic Chinese Civilisation3Semester 2
MECM20010Comparing Media Systems2Semester 1
CHIN10019Contemporary Chinese Literature1Semester 1
ITAL30005Contemporary Italy Study Abroad3Not Offered
ITAL20004Contemporary Italy Study Abroad2Not Offered
JAPN20005Contemporary Japan2Semester 1, Winter Term
SPAN30019Cooking up the Nation3Not Offered
SPAN20024Cooking up the Nation2Not Offered
INDO30002Creative Industries in Indonesia3Semester 2
CWRI20005Creative Non Fiction2Semester 1
CWRI10001Creative Writing: Ideas and Practice1Semester 1
ENGL30016Decadent Literature3Semester 1
LING30004Discourse & Pragmatics3Semester 2
INDO20014Diversity: Identities in Indonesia2Semester 2
INDO10011Diversity: Identities in Indonesia1Semester 2
INDO30018Diversity: Identities in Indonesia3Semester 2
SPAN30013Don Quijote Against the Universe3Semester 2
SPAN20017Don Quijote Against the Universe2Semester 2
SPAN30021Exploring Latin America3Semester 1
LING30003First Language Acquisition3Semester 1
FREN10004French 11Semester 1
FREN10005French 21Semester 2
FREN20015French 32Semester 1
FREN10001French 31Semester 1
FREN10003French 41Semester 2
FREN20017French 42Semester 2
FREN20001French 52Semester 1
FREN10006French 51Semester 1
FREN30003French 53Semester 1
FREN10007French 61Semester 2
FREN30004French 63Semester 2
FREN20002French 62Semester 2
FREN20019French 72Semester 1
FREN30001French 73Semester 1
FREN30013French Cinema: The New Wave and Beyond3Semester 1
FREN20011French Cinema: The New Wave and Beyond2Semester 1
FREN20016French Cultural Studies2Semester 2
FREN20004French Translation2Semester 2
FREN30006French Translation3Semester 2
FREN20012French Travel Writing2Not Offered
FREN30014French Travel Writing3Not Offered
FREN30020From Page to Stage: French Theatre3Semester 2
FREN20022From Page to Stage: French Theatre2Semester 2
SPAN30001Gender in Hispanic Cultures3Not Offered
ENGL30007Genre Fiction/Popular Fiction3Semester 2
GERM10004German 11Semester 1
GERM30004German 103Semester 2
GERM20010German 102Semester 2
GERM10005German 21Semester 2
GERM10001German 31Semester 1
GERM20004German 32Semester 1
GERM10002German 41Semester 2
GERM20005German 42Semester 2
GERM10006German 51Semester 1
GERM20007German 52Semester 1
GERM30005German 53Semester 1
GERM30006German 63Semester 2
GERM10007German 61Semester 2
GERM20008German 62Semester 2
GERM10008German 71Semester 1
GERM30021German 73Semester 1
GERM20001German 72Semester 1
GERM10009German 81Semester 2
GERM20002German 82Semester 2
GERM30022German 83Semester 2
GERM30003German 93Semester 1
GERM20009German 92Semester 1
GERM20006German Cultural Studies A2Semester 2
GERM30001German Cultural Studies B3Semester 1, Semester 2
GERM20003German Cultural Studies B2Semester 1, Semester 2
GERM30002German Cultural Studies C3Semester 1
ENGL30006Global Literature and Postcolonialism3Semester 1
ENGL30013Gothic Fictions3Semester 2
LING20011Grammar of English2Semester 1
CHIN30011Great Chinese Classics3Semester 1
CHIN20006Great Chinese Classics2Semester 1
HEBR10001Hebrew 11Semester 1
HEBR10002Hebrew 21Semester 2
HEBR20005Hebrew 32Semester 1
HEBR10005Hebrew 31Semester 1
HEBR20006Hebrew 42Semester 2
HEBR10006Hebrew 41Semester 2
HEBR20007Hebrew 52Semester 1
HEBR10011Hebrew 51Semester 1
HEBR30003Hebrew 53Semester 1
HEBR30004Hebrew 63Semester 2
HEBR10012Hebrew 61Semester 2
HEBR20008Hebrew 62Semester 2
SPAN20001Hispanic Cultural Studies2Semester 2
SPAN30017Hispanic Film Today3Not Offered
CHIN20025Human Rights in China & East Asia2Semester 2
ITAL30010Imaging Italy3Semester 2
FREN30017Immigration in France3Not Offered
FREN20007Immigration in France2Not Offered
FREN20020In the Heart of the Loire Valley2Winter Term
INDO20017Indonesia in the World2Semester 1
INDO30020Indonesia in the World3Semester 1
INDO10014Indonesia in the World1Semester 1
INDO10005Indonesian 11Semester 1
INDO10006Indonesian 21Semester 2
INDO10001Indonesian 31Semester 1
INDO20006Indonesian 32Semester 1
INDO10002Indonesian 41Semester 2
INDO20007Indonesian 42Semester 2
INDO10003Indonesian 51Semester 1
INDO20008Indonesian 52Semester 1
INDO30011Indonesian 53Semester 1
INDO20009Indonesian 62Semester 2
INDO10004Indonesian 61Semester 2
INDO30007Indonesian 63Semester 2
INDO30017Indonesian Languages in Social Context3Not Offered
FREN20018Intensive French 3 and 42Summer Term
LING10002Intercultural Communication1Semester 1
JAPN20002Introduction to Japanese Communication2Semester 2
ITAL10004Italian 11Semester 1
ITAL10008Italian 1 (Mid-Year Intensive)1Winter Term
ITAL10005Italian 21Semester 2
ITAL10001Italian 31Semester 1
ITAL20007Italian 32Semester 1
ITAL10002Italian 41Semester 2
ITAL20008Italian 42Semester 2
ITAL30013Italian 53Semester 1
ITAL20011Italian 52Semester 1
ITAL10006Italian 51Semester 1
ITAL30003Italian 5A3Semester 1
ITAL10007Italian 61Semester 2
ITAL30014Italian 63Semester 2
ITAL20010Italian 62Semester 2
ITAL20002Italian 72Semester 1
ITAL10009Italian 71Semester 1
ITAL30015Italian 73Semester 1
ITAL20003Italian 82Semester 2
ITAL10010Italian 81Semester 2
ITAL30016Italian 83Semester 2
ITAL30001Italian 93Semester 1
ITAL20012Italian 92Semester 1
ITAL20009Italian Cultural Studies A2Semester 2
ITAL20001Italian Cultural Studies B2Semester 2
ITAL30006Italian Fictions3Not Offered
ITAL30004Italian Language in Focus3Not Offered
JAPN10001Japanese 11Semester 1
JAPN10002Japanese 21Semester 2
JAPN20007Japanese 32Semester 1
JAPN10007Japanese 31Semester 1
JAPN10008Japanese 41Semester 2
JAPN20008Japanese 42Semester 2
JAPN10003Japanese 51Semester 1
JAPN30007Japanese 53Semester 1
JAPN20013Japanese 52Semester 1
JAPN20014Japanese 62Semester 2
JAPN30008Japanese 63Semester 2
JAPN10004Japanese 61Semester 2
JAPN20003Japanese 72Semester 1
JAPN30005Japanese 73Semester 1
JAPN10005Japanese 71Semester 1
JAPN10006Japanese 81Semester 2
JAPN30006Japanese 83Semester 2
JAPN20004Japanese 82Semester 2
JAPN30013Japanese Grammar in Action3Semester 2
JAPN20010Japanese Grammar in Action2Semester 2
JAPN20016Japanese Through Translation2Semester 2
JAPN30003Japanese Through Translation3Semester 2
JAPN20018Japanese Through the Media2Semester 1
JAPN30004Japanese through the Media3Semester 1
LING30012Language and Identity3Not Offered
LING20009Language in Aboriginal Australia2Semester 1
LING20010Language, Society and Culture2Semester 2
ITAL20006Languages of Venice: Study Abroad2November
ENGL10002Literature and Performance1Semester 1
ENGL30047Literature, Ecology, Catastrophe3Semester 2
INDO30006Literature: Reading Indonesian Lives3Semester 2
INDO10012Literature: Reading Indonesian Lives1Semester 2
INDO20015Literature: Reading Indonesian Lives2Semester 2
MECM30013Marketing Communications3Semester 2
FREN20013Matters of Taste: French Eating Cultures2Semester 1
FREN30015Matters of Taste: French Eating Cultures3Semester 1
MECM30004Media Futures and New Technologies3Semester 2
CULS20016Media Histories2Semester 1
MECM10003Media and Society1Semester 1
CULS10005Media, Identity and Everyday Life1Semester 2
CHIN20005Modern Chinese Literature2Semester 1
CHIN30010Modern Chinese Literature3Semester 1
ENGL20030Modern and Contemporary Drama2Semester 2
ENGL10001Modern and Contemporary Literature1Semester 2
ENGL20022Modernism and Avant Garde2Semester 1
LING30013Morphology3Semester 1
FREN20021New Caledonia in the 21st Century2June
FREN30019New Caledonia in the 21st Century3June
CWRI30001Novels3Semester 2
ENGL30048Performance and the World3Semester 1
LING20005Phonetics2Semester 1
LING30002Phonology3Not Offered
CWRI20007Poetry2Semester 1
CWRI30006Poetry and Poetics3Semester 1
ENGL20032Poetry, Love, and Death2Semester 1
INDO30003Popular Cultures in Indonesia3Not Offered
JAPN10009Reading Japanese Literature1Semester 2
JAPN20011Reading Japanese Literature2Semester 2
JAPN30011Reading Japanese Literature3Semester 2
ENGL20025Reverberations of Terror: 1789-19002Semester 2
CULS20015Rock to Rave2Semester 1
SPAN20016Rock, Pop & Resistance2Semester 1
SPAN30012Rock, Pop & Resistance3Semester 1
ENGL30046Romancing the Medieval3Semester 1
FREN20003Romanticism to Decadence: French Novels2Semester 2
FREN30005Romanticism to Decadence: French Novels3Semester 2
ENGL20020Romanticism, Feminism, Revolution2Semester 1
RUSS10001Russian 11Semester 1
RUSS10002Russian 21Semester 2
RUSS20004Russian 32Semester 1
RUSS20005Russian 42Semester 2
RUSS20006Russian 52Semester 1
RUSS30001Russian 53Semester 1
RUSS30002Russian 63Semester 2
RUSS20007Russian 62Semester 2
RUSS30005Russian Culture Through Film3Semester 2
CWRI20010Scripts for Contemporary Theatre2Semester 2
LING20003Second Language Learning and Teaching2Semester 2
LING30007Semantics3Semester 1
ENGL20033Shakespeare in Performance2Semester 2
CWRI20002Short Fiction2Semester 2
JAPN20009Signs and Symbols in Japanese2Semester 1
JAPN30010Signs and Symbols in Japanese3Semester 1
JAPN30002Social Problems in Japan3Semester 2
SPAN10001Spanish 11Semester 1
SPAN10002Spanish 21Semester 2
SPAN10003Spanish 31Semester 1
SPAN20002Spanish 32Semester 1
SPAN20003Spanish 42Semester 2
SPAN10004Spanish 41Semester 2
SPAN20018Spanish 52Semester 1
SPAN30014Spanish 53Semester 1
SPAN10007Spanish 51Semester 1
SPAN10008Spanish 61Semester 2
SPAN20019Spanish 62Semester 2
SPAN30015Spanish 63Semester 2
SPAN30016Spanish 73Semester 1
SPAN20022Spanish 72Semester 1
LING20006Syntax2Semester 2
CHIN30002Taiwan & Beyond: Chinese Settler Culture3Semester 1
CULS20014Television, Lifestyle & Consumer Culture2Semester 2
ENGL20009The Australian Imaginary2Semester 2
FREN30012The Origins of the Novel3Not Offered
FREN20010The Origins of the Novel2Not Offered
LING10001The Secret Life of Language1Semester 2
ENGL20034The Theatre Experience2Semester 1
CULS30004Thinking Sex3Semester 1
ITAL30007To Hell with Dante3Semester 1
INDO20016Translation: Intercultural Indonesian2Semester 1
INDO30019Translation: Intercultural Indonesian3Semester 1
INDO10013Translation: Intercultural Indonesian1Semester 1
MECM20006Understanding Australian Media2Semester 1
CHIN30024Understanding the New Media in China3Semester 1
CHIN20029Understanding the New Media in China2Semester 1
JAPN20012Variation in Japanese Language2Semester 1
JAPN10010Variation in Japanese Language1Semester 1
JAPN30012Variation in Japanese Language3Semester 1
CWRI30015Writing Radical Performance3Semester 1
CWRI20009Writing for Screen2Semester 2

Law, legal studies and criminology

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
LAWS20006Comparative Legal Traditions2Semester 1
BLAW30004Competition and Consumer Law3Semester 2
BLAW20001Corporate Law2Semester 1
CRIM30006Crime and Culture3Semester 1
CRIM30005Crimes of the Powerful3Semester 2
CRIM20002Criminal Law and Political Justice2Semester 1
LAWS30029Employment Law3Semester 1
LAWS20009Environmental Rights & Responsibilities2Semester 2
LAWS20010Food Law and Policy2Semester 2
BLAW10002Free Speech and Media Law1Semester 2
CRIM10001From Graffiti to Terrorism1Semester 1
CRIM30002Global Criminologies3Semester 2
LAWS20008Legal Language2Semester 1
CRIM30010Managing Justice: Agencies and the State3Semester 1
CRIM20004Order, Disorder, Crime, Deviance2Semester 2
LAWS30017Owning Ideas: Creation, Innovation & Law3Semester 1
CRIM20003Policing2Semester 1
BLAW10001Principles of Business Law1Semester 1, Semester 2
BLAW20002Privacy Law and Social Networks2February
LAWS30024Public Trials3Semester 2
CRIM20006Punishment and Social Control2Semester 2
BLAW30002Taxation Law I3Semester 2
BLAW30003Taxation Law II3Semester 1
CRIM30011Young People, Crime and Justice3Semester 1

Medicine, dentistry, health and welfare

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
PSYC30015Applications in Psychology3Semester 2
PSYC20008Developmental Psychology2Semester 1
POPH20001Genetics, Health, and Society2Semester 1
PSYC20009Personality and Social Psychology2Semester 2
PSYC30016Social and Emotional Development3Semester 2
PSYC30012The Unconscious Mind3Semester 1
PSYC30022Trends in Personality& Social Psychology3Semester 2


Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
MULT10001Aboriginalities1Semester 2
MULT10019Arts in Florence1Not Offered
MULT20008Australian Indigenous Politics2Semester 1
MULT20011Communicating Science and Technology2Semester 2
MULT20012Community Volunteering2Semester 1, Semester 2
MULT30020Community Volunteering3Semester 1, Semester 2
MULT30021Community Volunteering - Global3June, Summer Term
MULT20014Community Volunteering - Global2June, Summer Term
MULT20003Critical Analytical Skills2Semester 1
MULT30017Indigenous People and Social Control3Semester 1
MULT30014Leading Change in a Complex World3Semester 1
MULT10013Sustainability in Developing Communities1Semester 2


Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
MUSI20190Advanced Recording Studio Techniques2Semester 2
MUSI10148African Music and Dance1Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20069Baroque Ensemble 12Semester 1
MUSI10041Baroque Ensemble 11Semester 1
MUSI20070Baroque Ensemble 22Semester 2
MUSI10042Baroque Ensemble 21Semester 2
MUSI30014Baroque Music of the German World3Not Offered
MUSI20053Broadway and Music of the Theatre2Not Offered
MUSI20135Chinese Music Ensemble2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20209Chinese Music Ensemble 22Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI10159Choir 11Semester 1
MUSI10162Choir 21Semester 2
MUSI20122Composition Studies2Semester 1
MUSI20167Creating Music For Advertising2Semester 1
MUSI30248Creativity, Genius, Expertise and Talent3Not Offered
MUSI10199Do You Hear The People Sing?1Winter Term
MUSI20140Early Voices Ensemble 12Semester 1
MUSI20141Early Voices Ensemble 22Semester 2
MUSI20208Electronic Dance Music Technique2Semester 2
MUSI20164Free Play New Music Improvisation Ensem2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20205French Music Louis XIV to the Revolution2Semester 1
MUSI20138Gamelan in Modern Indonesia2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20168Glee Singing2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI10173Guitar Group 11Semester 1
MUSI10174Guitar Group 21Semester 2
MUSI10202Jazz: The Improvisatory Spirit1Semester 1
MUSI20155Latin American Music and Culture2Not Offered
MUSI10179Making Music For Film And Animation 11Semester 2
MUSI20134Melbourne Big Band 12Semester 1
MUSI20132Melbourne Big Band 22Semester 2
MUSI30024Music Cultures of Asia3Not Offered
MUSI10047Music History 1: Monteverdi to Mozart1Semester 1
MUSI20198Music History 2: C19th Music and Ideas2Semester 1
MUSI30249Music History 3:Impressionism to Present3Semester 1
MUSI10023Music Language 1: the Diatonic World1Summer Term, Semester 2
MUSI20061Music Language 2: Chromaticism & Beyond2Summer Term, Semester 2
MUSI30046Music Language 3: Modern Directions3Summer Term, Semester 2
MUSI20149Music Psychology2Semester 1
MUSI30237Music Theatre: Singing Rock Musicals3Semester 1
MUSI20186Music Theatre: Singing Sondheim2Semester 2
MUSI20187Music Theatre: Singing the Golden Age2Semester 2
MUSI30004Music and Film since 19003Not Offered
MUSI20150Music and Health2Semester 2
MUSI20204Music and Politics2Not Offered
MUSI30247Music and Spirituality3Not Offered
MUSI30246Music as Noise: Making Sound Art3Semester 1
MUSI10037Music in Everyday Life1Semester 2
MUSI30011Music in the Culture of the Renaissance3Semester 2
MUSI20125Musics of the World2Semester 2
MUSI30025Orchestration3Semester 1
MUSI20120Paris! Berlioz to the Ballets Russes2Not Offered
MUSI20203Peak Performance Under Pressure2Semester 2
MUSI10184Pop Song Writing 11Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20192R&B, Soul & Gospel Choir2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20101Recorder Ensemble 12Not Offered
MUSI10017Riffs: Guitar Cultures & Practice 11Summer Term, Semester 1
MUSI20196Riffs: Guitar Cultures & Practice 22Semester 2
MUSI10219Rock Music: From Roots to Retro1Semester 2
MUSI20163Samba Band2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI30015Sex, Death and the Ecstatic in Music3Not Offered
MUSI30139Shakuhachi Ensemble 13Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI10223Sound in Performance1Semester 2
MUSI20158Stravinsky and Music of the 20th Century2Not Offered
MUSI30183String Ensemble 13Semester 1
MUSI10068String Ensemble 11Semester 1
MUSI20091String Ensemble 12Semester 1
MUSI10069String Ensemble 21Semester 2
MUSI20092String Ensemble 22Semester 2
MUSI30184String Ensemble 23Semester 2
MUSI30045Studies In Opera3Not Offered
MUSI20173The Art of Game Music2Semester 1
MUSI20206The Business of Music2Semester 2
MUSI30053The Ethnography of Music3Semester 1
MUSI20174The Laptop Recording Studio2Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI30030The Music Of Spain3Semester 2
MUSI30236The Music Producer: From Brass to Beats3Semester 1
MUSI30256The Romantic Piano3Semester 2
MUSI10222The Wellbeing Orchestra1Semester 1, Semester 2
MUSI20124University Orchestral Ensembles 12Semester 1
MUSI20123University Orchestral Ensembles 22Semester 2
MUSI30115Women in Music3Not Offered
MUSI20143World Music Choir 12Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2

Performing and visual arts, theatre, film and television

Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
DRAM30020Acting for Camera3Winter Term
SCRN30001Art Cinema and the Love Story3Semester 1
SCRN20013Australian Film and Television2Semester 2
THTR10019Clear Speech and Communication1Semester 1, Semester 2
DRAM10025Contemporary Performance Analysis1Semester 2
DNCE10027Dancing the Dance 11Semester 1, Semester 2
DNCE20031Dancing the Dance 22Winter Term
THTR20043Design and the Moving Image2June
FINA20035Drawing with Anatomy2February, July, Summer Term, Winter Term
SCRN20014Film Genres and Auteurs2Semester 2
SCRN30004Film Noir: History and Sexuality3Semester 2
THTR30042Hashtag Cyberstar3July, Summer Term
SCRN20011Hollywood and Entertainment2Semester 1
THTR20022Improvisation: Text, Space and Action2Winter Term
FLTV10021Interactive Art Media 11Semester 1, Semester 2
FINA20033Introduction to Printmaking Processes2July, Winter Term
SCRN10001Introduction to Screen Studies1Semester 1
FINA10036Life Drawing: The Body1Semester 1
FLTV10010Making Movies 11Semester 1, Semester 2
FLTV20005Making Movies 22Semester 1
FLTV30013Making Movies 33July
FLTV30022Making Movies 3 Practical Production3Summer Term
FINA20026Painting Techniques2February, July, Summer Term, Semester 2, Winter Term
THTR30041Profile Building for Creatives3Not Offered
THTR20042Puppets as Storytellers2January
FINA10035Still Life: Nature Morte1Semester 2
THTR10007The Actors Process1Winter Term
THTR20023The Artist's Toolbox2July, Summer Term
SCRN30005The Digital Screenscape3Semester 2
FINA20036Under Camera Animation2February, July, Summer Term, Winter Term
THTR30039Understanding Masks3July
DRAM10026Up Close and Personal with MTC1June, Semester 2


Document CodeBreadth subjectLevelStudy Period
PLAN10001Cities Past and Future1Semester 1
ARCH10003Design Studio Alpha1Semester 2
ARCH20001Design Studio Beta2Not Offered
ARCH30001Design Studio Delta3Not Offered
ARCH20002Design Studio Gamma2Not Offered
PROP20003Design and Property Industry Studies2Not Offered
PROP20002Design and Property Principles2Not Offered
PROP30003Design and Property Studio3Not Offered
ARCH20004Digital Design2Not Offered
PROP10001Economics and Cities1Semester 2
PROP20001Finance for Built Environment2Not Offered
ARCH10001Foundations of Design: Representation1Semester 1, Semester 2
PLAN10002Introduction to Urban Planning1Semester 2
PLAN30001Planning Scenario and Policy Workshop3Not Offered
PLAN20001Planning Social Research Workshop2Not Offered
PROP30002Sustainable Management of Design Assets3Not Offered
PROP30001Valuation of Land and Buildings3Not Offered

Breadth Tracks

Breadth trackType
Ancient Civilizations ABreadth Track - Single Discipline
Ancient Civilizations BBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Ancient Egypt and the Near EastBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Ancient Greece StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Ancient GreekBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Anthropology - ritual, meaning and performanceBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Anthropology - self and societyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Anthropology - structures, identity and powerBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Arabic - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Arabic - Entry Point 5Breadth Track - Single Discipline
ArchaeologyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Architectural HistoryBreadth Track - Single Discipline
ArchitectureBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Arts Practice and EngagementBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Chinese - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Chinese - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Chinese StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Choral performanceBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Climate ChangeBreadth Track - Multi Discipline
Climate and WaterBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Contemporary Public Economic PolicyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Creative WritingBreadth Track - Single Discipline
CriminologyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Deafness and CommunicationBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Development StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Doing business in AsiaBreadth Track - Single Discipline
EnglishBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Entrepreneurship & InnovationBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Ethics and InvestingBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Forensic AccountingBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Forests and FireBreadth Track - Single Discipline
French - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
French - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
French - Entry Point 5Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Fundamentals of Finance and AccountingBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Genetics and SocietyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
German - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
German - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Global Economic IssuesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Indonesian - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Indonesian - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Islamic StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Italian - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Italian - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Italian - Entry Point 5Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Japanese - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Japanese - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Knowing and LearningBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Law - Business and Competition and Consumer LawBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Law - Business and Taxation LawBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Law - Business and Work LawBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Law - Media and Intellectual Property LawBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Leading Community Sport and RecreationBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Linguistics: English Language StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Linguistics: Language Structure and AnalysisBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Linguistics: Language in its social and cultural contextBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Management & Leadership in Today's Global EconomyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Managing ChangeBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Managing PeopleBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Marketing Communications and BrandingBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Marketing StrategyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Middle East and IslamBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Music outside the western traditionBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Music, Mind and WellbeingBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Non-western music performanceBreadth Track - Single Discipline
People and EnvironmentBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Politics and International StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Popular MusicBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Positive individuals, organisations and communitiesBreadth Track - Multi Discipline
Product ManagementBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Property in the Urban EconomyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Real Estate and the Australian DreamBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Roman StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Russian - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
SociologyBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Spanish - Entry Point 1Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Spanish - Entry Point 3Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Spanish - Entry Point 5Breadth Track - Single Discipline
Studies in music composition and music languageBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Studies in western musicBreadth Track - Single Discipline
The Mind of the ConsumerBreadth Track - Single Discipline
The Property IndustryBreadth Track - Single Discipline
The Socially Responsible FirmBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Theatre StudiesBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Urban Design and PlanningBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Urban PlanningBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Wine and FoodBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Your Money or Your LifeBreadth Track - Single Discipline
Youth, Citizenship and IdentityBreadth Track - Single Discipline

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