Old CodeNew CodeTitle
881-AA881AAAssociate Degree in Environmental Horticulture
A-URBHORTA-URBHORTAssociate Degree in Urban Horticulture
315-PD315PDBachelor of Agriculture
B-AGRB-AGRBachelor of Agriculture
BH-AGRBH-AGRBachelor of Agriculture (Degree with Honours)
105-AA105AABachelor of Arts
B-ARTSB-ARTSBachelor of Arts
105-TL105TLBachelor of Arts (Combined Theology)
BH-ARTSBH-ARTSBachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)
D29-AAB-ARTSEXTBachelor of Arts (Extended)
B-BMEDB-BMEDBachelor of Biomedicine
BH-BMEDBH-BMEDBachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)
B-COMB-COMBachelor of Commerce
BH-COMBH-COMBachelor of Commerce (Degree with Honours)
B-DESB-DESBachelor of Design
B-ENGB-ENGBachelor of Engineering
B-ENVSB-ENVSBachelor of Environments
BH-ENVSBH-ENVSBachelor of Environments (Degree with Honours)
919-AA919AABachelor of Film and Television (Degree with Honours)
617-AB617ABBachelor of Fine Art
B-FAANIMB-FAANIMBachelor of Fine Arts (Animation)
B-FACONTMUB-FACONTMUBachelor of Fine Arts (Contemporary Music)
B-FADANCEB-FADANCEBachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)
BH-FABH-FABachelor of Fine Arts (Degree with Honours)
B-FAFILMTVB-FAFILMTVBachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television)
B-FAMUSTHB-FAMUSTHBachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre)
B-FAPRODB-FAPRODBachelor of Fine Arts (Production)
B-FASCWRIB-FASCWRIBachelor of Fine Arts (Screenwriting)
B-FATHPRACB-FATHPRACBachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice)
B-FAVISARTB-FAVISARTBachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art)
395-AA395AABachelor of Forestry
164-AA164AABachelor of Landscape Architecture
505-QD505QDBachelor of Laws
565-IN565INBachelor of Medical Science
980-CC980CCBachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery & Bachelor of Medical Science
B-MUSB-MUSBachelor of Music
BH-MUSBH-MUSBachelor of Music (Degree with Honours)
734-AA734AABachelor of Music Performance (Degree with Honours)
841-AC841ACBachelor of Oral Health
BH-ORHLTHBH-ORHLTHBachelor of Oral Health (Degree with Honours)
B-SCIB-SCIBachelor of Science
BH-SCIBH-SCIBachelor of Science (Degree with Honours)
B-SCIEXTB-SCIEXTBachelor of Science (Extended)
875-PV875PVBachelor of Veterinary Science(PV)
D-GENSTD-GENSTDiploma in General Studies
D-INFOD-INFODiploma in Informatics
D-LANGD-LANGDiploma in Languages
R07-AAD-MATHSCDiploma in Mathematical Sciences
D-MUSICD-MUSICDiploma in Music
M06-AAD-MUSDiploma in Music (Practical)
DH-AGRSCDH-AGRSCDoctor of Agricultural Science
661-AA661AADoctor of Clinical Dentistry
DH-DSCDH-DSCDoctor of Dental Science
MC-DDENSURMC-DDENSURDoctor of Dental Surgery
300-BB300BBDoctor of Education
DH-LLDDH-LLDDoctor of Laws
J15-AAJ15AADoctor of Medical Science
J15-TCJ15TCDoctor of Medical Science
550-AA550AADoctor of Medicine
MC-DMEDMC-DMEDDoctor of Medicine
DH-MUSDH-MUSDoctor of Music
MC-DOPTOMMC-DOPTOMDoctor of Optometry
DR-PHILAGRDR-PHILAGRDoctor of Philosophy - Agricultural Sciences
DR-PHILABPDR-PHILABPDoctor of Philosophy - Architecture, Building and Planning
DR-PHILARTDR-PHILARTDoctor of Philosophy - Arts
201-BE201BEDoctor of Philosophy - Business and Economics
DR-PHILBEDR-PHILBEDoctor of Philosophy - Business and Economics
DR-PHILEDUDR-PHILEDUDoctor of Philosophy - Education
DR-PHILENGDR-PHILENGDoctor of Philosophy - Engineering
V18-AAV18AADoctor of Philosophy - Land and Environment
DR-PHILLAWDR-PHILLAWDoctor of Philosophy - Law
DR-PHILMDHDR-PHILMDHDoctor of Philosophy - Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
DR-PHILMUSDR-PHILMUSDoctor of Philosophy - Music
DR-PHILSCIDR-PHILSCIDoctor of Philosophy - Science
DR-PHILVETDR-PHILVETDoctor of Philosophy - Veterinary Science
475-AA475AADoctor of Philosophy - Victorian College of the Arts
DR-PHILVCADR-PHILVCADoctor of Philosophy - Victorian College of the Arts
MC-DPHYSIOMC-DPHYSIODoctor of Physiotherapy
330-CN330CNDoctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)
DH-SCDH-SCDoctor of Science
MC-DVETMEDMC-DVETMEDDoctor of Veterinary Medicine
DH-VSCDH-VSCDoctor of Veterinary Science
DH-VPADH-VPADoctor of Visual and Performing Arts
D31-AAMC-EMAExecutive Master of Arts
GC-ADOLHWGC-ADOLHWGraduate Certificate in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing
V17-AAGC-ALLGraduate Certificate in Advanced Learning and Leadership
GC-ASWGC-ASWGraduate Certificate in Advanced Social Work
GC-AGEINGGC-AGEINGGraduate Certificate in Ageing
GC-AGSCGC-AGSCGraduate Certificate in Agricultural Sciences
GC-ARBCULTGC-ARBCULTGraduate Certificate in Arboriculture
GC-ARTSGC-ARTSGraduate Certificate in Arts
GCA-ARTSGCA-ARTSGraduate Certificate in Arts (Advanced)
GC-ARTSCEGC-ARTSCEGraduate Certificate in Arts and Community Engagement
GC-BFIREPMGC-BFIREPMGraduate Certificate in Bushfire Planning and Management
GC-CANCRSCGC-CANCRSCGraduate Certificate in Cancer Sciences
GC-CWMGTGC-CWMGTGraduate Certificate in Catchment and Waterway Management
GC-CCFPIGC-CCFPIGraduate Certificate in Climate Change for Primary Industries
N12-AAN12AAGraduate Certificate in Clinical Research
GC-CLINTCHGC-CLINTCHGraduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching
GC-CLINUSGC-CLINUSGraduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound
GC-DTACPGC-DTACPGraduate Certificate in Dental Therapy (Advanced Clinical Practice)
GC-EDGENGC-EDGENGraduate Certificate in Education
GC-EDUCLILGC-EDUCLILGraduate Certificate in Education (CLIL)
GC-EDIBDPOGC-EDIBDPOGraduate Certificate in Education (International Baccalaureate) DP
GC-EDIBPYGC-EDIBPYGraduate Certificate in Education (International Baccalaureate) PYP
GC-EDSLDGC-EDSLDGraduate Certificate in Education (Specific Learning Difficulties)
GC-EDRESGC-EDRESGraduate Certificate in Educational Research
GC-ENGGWRKGC-ENGGWRKGraduate Certificate in English for the Global Workplace
GC-ENTGC-ENTGraduate Certificate in Enterprise
GC-ENVGC-ENVGraduate Certificate in Environment
GC-EVALGC-EVALGraduate Certificate in Evaluation
GC-EVALOGC-EVALOGraduate Certificate in Evaluation
GC-EYEBANKGC-EYEBANKGraduate Certificate in Eye Banking
GC-FOODSCGC-FOODSCGraduate Certificate in Food Science
GC-FORSMGTGC-FORSMGTGraduate Certificate in Forest Systems Management
N62-AAGC-GARDESGraduate Certificate in Garden Design
GC-GWINESTGC-GWINESTGraduate Certificate in Global Wine Studies
GC-HINFDHGC-HINFDHGraduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Digital Health
GC-HHSGC-HHSGraduate Certificate in Health and Human Services
687-AA687AAGraduate Certificate in Indigenous Arts Management
GC-IRLGC-IRLGraduate Certificate in Indigenous Research and Leadership
GC-INFTODDGC-INFTODDGraduate Certificate in Infancy and Toddlerhood
GCA-JOURNGCA-JOURNGraduate Certificate in Journalism (Advanced)
GC-LIGC-LIGraduate Certificate in Learning Intervention
GC-MANEPGC-MANEPGraduate Certificate in Managing Early Psychosis
GC-MANYSHSGC-MANYSHSGraduate Certificate in Managing Youth Self-Harm and Suicide
423-AA423AAGraduate Certificate in Marketing
GC-MHSCGC-MHSCGraduate Certificate in Mental Health Science
GC-MLEAGC-MLEAGraduate Certificate in Modern Languages Education (Stream A)
GC-MLEBGC-MLEBGraduate Certificate in Modern Languages Education (Stream B)
GC-NPGC-NPGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice
GC-NPCPCGC-NPCPCGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Cancer and Palliative Care)
GC-NPCCGC-NPCCGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Critical Care)
GC-NPEMERGGC-NPEMERGGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Emergency)
GC-NPNICUGC-NPNICUGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Neonatal Intensive Care)
GC-NPPICGC-NPPICGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Paediatric Intensive Care)
GC-NPPAEDGC-NPPAEDGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Paediatrics)
GC-NPRCCGC-NPRCCGraduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Rural Critical Care)
GC-PALCAREGC-PALCAREGraduate Certificate in Palliative Care
GC-PHTYEWHGC-PHTYEWHGraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Exercise and Women's Health)
GC-PHTYPAEGC-PHTYPAEGraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics)
GC-PHTYPFPGC-PHTYPFPGraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy)
GC-PCNGC-PCNGraduate Certificate in Primary Care Nursing
GC-PROFSCGC-PROFSCGraduate Certificate in Professional Skills for Scientists
GCA-PAGCA-PAGraduate Certificate in Public Administration (Advanced)
GCA-PUBCOMGCA-PUBCOMGraduate Certificate in Publishing and Communications (Advanced)
G13-AAGC-QAGraduate Certificate in Quality Assurance
GC-REHABSCGC-REHABSCGraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation Science
GC-RESMGPLGC-RESMGPLGraduate Certificate in Research Management and Policy
GC-SCGC-SCGraduate Certificate in Science
GCA-SCIGCA-SCIGraduate Certificate in Science (Advanced)
GC-SEXHLTHGC-SEXHLTHGraduate Certificate in Sexual Health
GC-SAECCGC-SAECCGraduate Certificate in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
GC-SAUAGC-SAUAGraduate Certificate in Small Animal Ultrasound Abdominal
GC-SCMGC-SCMGraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management
GC-SURGEDGC-SURGEDGraduate Certificate in Surgical Education
GC-SURGSCGC-SURGSCGraduate Certificate in Surgical Science
GC-TESOLAGC-TESOLAGraduate Certificate in TESOL (Stream A)
GC-TESOLBGC-TESOLBGraduate Certificate in TESOL (Stream B)
GC-TEDGOVGC-TEDGOVGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (Governance)
GC-TEDMGTGC-TEDMGTGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (Management)
GC-TEDQAGC-TEDQAGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (Quality Assurance)
GC-TEDRMPGC-TEDRMPGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (Research Mgmt and Policy)
G12-AAGC-TEMGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Management
GC-TERTCHGC-TERTCHGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching
N59-AAGC-TRNSPRCGraduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice
622-AA622AAGraduate Certificate in University Management
697-AA697AAGraduate Certificate in University Teaching
GC-UCHGC-UCHGraduate Certificate in Urban and Cultural Heritage
GC-VPHEADGC-VPHEADGraduate Certificate in Veterinary Public Health (EAD)
842-AA842AAGraduate Certificate in Visual Art
GC-VOICESTGC-VOICESTGraduate Certificate in Voice Studies
449-AA449AAGraduate Certificate in Wine Technology and Viticulture
GC-YMHGC-YMHGraduate Certificate in Youth Mental Health
GC-YOUTHMHGC-YOUTHMHGraduate Certificate in Youth Mental Health
GC-TSSGC-TSSGraduate Certificate in the Teaching of Shakespeare
GD-ACTSCGD-ACTSCGraduate Diploma in Actuarial Science
GD-ADOLHWGD-ADOLHWGraduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing
GD-AGEINGGD-AGEINGGraduate Diploma in Ageing
GD-AGRBUSVGD-AGRBUSVGraduate Diploma in Agribusiness for Veterinarians
GD-AGSCGD-AGSCGraduate Diploma in Agricultural Sciences
GD-ARTSGD-ARTSGraduate Diploma in Arts
GDA-ARTSGDA-ARTSGraduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced)
GDA-ACMGDA-ACMGraduate Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management (Advanced)
726-AA726AAGraduate Diploma in Asian Law
968-AB968ABGraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance Law
GD-BIOSTATGD-BIOSTATGraduate Diploma in Biostatistics
GD-BLTENVGD-BLTENVGraduate Diploma in Built Environments
GDA-BLTENVGDA-BLTENVGraduate Diploma in Built Environments (Advanced)
GD-BFIREPMGD-BFIREPMGraduate Diploma in Bushfire Planning and Management
GD-BAGD-BAGraduate Diploma in Business Administration
031-AA031AAGraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry
GDA-CDGDA-CDGraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Advanced)
GD-CDIMPLGD-CDIMPLGraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Implants)
GD-CLINEDGD-CLINEDGraduate Diploma in Clinical Education
N34-AAN34AAGraduate Diploma in Clinical Research
GD-CLINUSGD-CLINUSGraduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound
518-AB518ABGraduate Diploma in Communications Law
GD-CCLAWGD-CCLAWGraduate Diploma in Competition and Consumer Law
189-AA189AAGraduate Diploma in Construction Law
538-AA538AAGraduate Diploma in Corporations and Securities Law
498-AB498ABGraduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution
GD-ECOGD-ECOGraduate Diploma in Economics
GD-EDSTGD-EDSTGraduate Diploma in Educational Studies
188-AA188AAGraduate Diploma in Employment and Labour Relations Law
GD-ENRSLAWGD-ENRSLAWGraduate Diploma in Energy and Resources Law
GD-ENTGD-ENTGraduate Diploma in Enterprise
GD-ENVGD-ENVGraduate Diploma in Environment
L07-AAL07AAGraduate Diploma in Environment, Energy and Resources Law
GD-ENVLAWGD-ENVLAWGraduate Diploma in Environmental Law
GD-FINGD-FINGraduate Diploma in Finance
GD-FOODSCGD-FOODSCGraduate Diploma in Food Science
GD-FORSMGTGD-FORSMGTGraduate Diploma in Forest Systems Management
GD-GCCLAWGD-GCCLAWGraduate Diploma in Global Competition and Consumer Law
178-AA178AAGraduate Diploma in Government Law
428-AA428AAGraduate Diploma in Guided Imagery and Music
343-AA343AAGraduate Diploma in Health and Medical Law
636-AA636AAGraduate Diploma in Human Rights Law
276-AA276AAGraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law
891-AA891AAGraduate Diploma in International Economic Law
323-AA323AAGraduate Diploma in International Law
191-AA191AAGraduate Diploma in International Tax
GDA-JOURNGDA-JOURNGraduate Diploma in Journalism (Advanced)
GD-LEGSTUGD-LEGSTUGraduate Diploma in Legal Studies
GD-MKTGGD-MKTGGraduate Diploma in Marketing
GD-MHSCGD-MHSCGraduate Diploma in Mental Health Science
GD-MUSGD-MUSGraduate Diploma in Music
M01-COM01COGraduate Diploma in Music (Composition)
M01-MUM01MUGraduate Diploma in Music (Musicology/Ethnomusicology)
M01-PMM01PMGraduate Diploma in Music (Practical Music)
GD-NPGD-NPGraduate Diploma in Nursing Practice
GD-NPMHGD-NPMHGraduate Diploma in Nursing Practice (Mental Health)
GD-PERFCRGD-PERFCRGraduate Diploma in Performance Creation
GD-PCNGD-PCNGraduate Diploma in Primary Care Nursing
709-AA709AAGraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
702-PA702PAGraduate Diploma in Property Valuation
340-AA340AAGraduate Diploma in Psychology
GDA-PSYCHGDA-PSYCHGraduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)
GDA-PUBCOMGDA-PUBCOMGraduate Diploma in Publishing and Communications (Advanced)
GD-REHABSCGD-REHABSCGraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Science
GD-SCGD-SCGraduate Diploma in Science
GD-SCIGD-SCIGraduate Diploma in Science
GDA-SCIGDA-SCIGraduate Diploma in Science (Advanced)
893-AA893AAGraduate Diploma in Sports Law
GD-SCMGD-SCMGraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management
GD-SURGANTGD-SURGANTGraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy
GD-SURGEDGD-SURGEDGraduate Diploma in Surgical Education
GD-SURGSCGD-SURGSCGraduate Diploma in Surgical Science
187-AA187AAGraduate Diploma in Tax
GD-TROPMHGD-TROPMHGraduate Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
K06-AAGD-URBHORTGraduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture
GD-VPLMGTGD-VPLMGTGraduate Diploma in Veterinary Professional Leadership and Management
GD-VPHEADGD-VPHEADGraduate Diploma in Veterinary Public Health (EAD)
GD-VOICESTGD-VOICESTGraduate Diploma in Voice Studies
GD-YMHGD-YMHGraduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health
GD-YOUTHMHGD-YOUTHMHGraduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health
L05-AAMC-JURISDJuris Doctor
794-NF794NFJuris Doctor/Master of Business Administration
261-AL261ALMaster of Accounting
F15-AAMC-ACTSCIMaster of Actuarial Science
J12-AAMC-AHWMaster of Adolescent Health and Welfare
MC-ADOLHWMC-ADOLHWMaster of Adolescent Health and Wellbeing
MC-ANMC-ANMaster of Advanced Nursing
J01-ABJ01ABMaster of Advanced Nursing Practice
MC-ANPMC-ANPMaster of Advanced Nursing Practice
MC-ANPMHMC-ANPMHMaster of Advanced Nursing Practice (Mental Health)
MC-ANPNPMC-ANPNPMaster of Advanced Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner)
J01-AYJ01AYMaster of Advanced Nursing Practice (Rural Critical Care)
J17-REJ17REMaster of Advanced Social Work
MC-ASWMC-ASWMaster of Advanced Social Work
704-CC704CCMaster of Agribusiness
MC-AGSCIMC-AGSCIMaster of Agricultural Science
MC-AGSCMC-AGSCMaster of Agricultural Sciences
860-AA860AAMaster of Agriculture
MC-ANISCIMC-ANISCIMaster of Animal Science
MC-APPECONMC-APPECONMaster of Applied Econometrics
MC-APLINGMC-APLINGMaster of Applied Linguistics
MC-APPLINGMC-APPLINGMaster of Applied Linguistics
MC-APPMC-APPMaster of Applied Positive Psychology
MC-ARCHENGMC-ARCHENGMaster of Architectural Engineering
MC-ARCHMC-ARCHMaster of Architecture
MC-ARCH2YMC-ARCH2YMaster of Architecture
MC-ARCH3YMC-ARCH3YMaster of Architecture
038-AB038ABMaster of Art Curatorship
102-AA102AAMaster of Arts
MR-ARTSASTMR-ARTSASTMaster of Arts (Advanced Seminar & Shorter Thesis)
102-FC102FCMaster of Arts (Art History)
102-CW102CWMaster of Arts (Creative Writing) (Research/Creative)
MC-ARTPAEMC-ARTPAEMaster of Arts (Professional and Applied Ethics)
292-AA292AAMaster of Arts (Research)
102-CD102CDMaster of Arts (Screen Studies)
MR-ARTSTHSMR-ARTSTHSMaster of Arts (Thesis only)
MC-ACPMC-ACPMaster of Arts and Community Practice
175-AA175AAMaster of Arts and Cultural Management
102-EA102EAMaster of Arts in English Language and Literature (Thesis)
102-JB102JBMaster of Arts in History (Thesis)
102-CP102CPMaster of Arts in Philosophy(Adv Seminars and Shorter Thesis)(CAPPE)
102-OB102OBMaster of Arts in Political Science (Thesis)
MC-AVHMGAMC-AVHMGAMaster of Avian Health and Medicine
526-AA526AAMaster of Banking and Finance Law
MC-BMEDSCMC-BMEDSCMaster of Biomedical Science
991-AA991AAMaster of Biostatistics
MC-SCIBITMC-SCIBITMaster of Biotechnology
212-PN212PNMaster of Business Administration
MC-BAMC-BAMaster of Business Administration
MC-BAEVMC-BAEVMaster of Business Administration
MC-BAPTMC-BAPTMaster of Business Administration
MC-BAPTMEMC-BAPTMEMaster of Business Administration
212-PRMC-BAPROFMaster of Business Administration (Professional)
R04-AAMC-BUSAISMaster of Business Administration/Master of Information Systems
MC-BAMKTGMC-BAMKTGMaster of Business Administration/Master of Marketing
MC-BUSANAMC-BUSANAMaster of Business Analytics
305-BB305BBMaster of Clinical Audiology
MC-CLINEDMC-CLINEDMaster of Clinical Education
MC-CLINOPTMC-CLINOPTMaster of Clinical Optometry
N01-AAN01AAMaster of Clinical Research
MC-CLINTCHMC-CLINTCHMaster of Clinical Teaching
N55-AAMC-CUMaster of Clinical Ultrasound
202-AT202ATMaster of Commerce
MC-COMACTMC-COMACTMaster of Commerce (Accounting)
MC-COMACTSMC-COMACTSMaster of Commerce (Actuarial Science)
MC-COMDRFSMC-COMDRFSMaster of Commerce (Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences)
202-AF202AFMaster of Commerce (Finance)
MC-COMFINMC-COMFINMaster of Commerce (Finance)
MC-COMMGTMC-COMMGTMaster of Commerce (Management)
MC-COMMKTMC-COMMKTMaster of Commerce (Marketing)
504-AA504AAMaster of Commercial Law
MC-CCULDEVMC-CCULDEVMaster of Community Cultural Development
MC-CMCNLAWMC-CMCNLAWMaster of Competition and Consumer Law
195-AA195AAMaster of Construction Law
MC-CMMC-CMMaster of Construction Management
MC-CONMG2YMC-CONMG2YMaster of Construction Management
MC-CONMG3YMC-CONMG3YMaster of Construction Management
MC-CTPYARTMC-CTPYARTMaster of Contemporary Art
D01-LFD01LFMaster of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing
274-AB274ABMaster of Criminology
D15-AAMC-CULMCMaster of Cultural Materials Conservation
MC-DATASCMC-DATASCMaster of Data Science
252-AA252AAMaster of Dental Science
MC-DESURBDMC-DESURBDMaster of Design (Urban Design)
MC-DSNPERFMC-DSNPERFMaster of Design for Performance
097-AB097ABMaster of Development Studies
097-GD097GDMaster of Development Studies (Gender and Development)
MC-DIRPERFMC-DIRPERFMaster of Directing for Performance
MC-DRAMATMC-DRAMATMaster of Dramaturgy
MC-ECOMC-ECOMaster of Economics
960-AC960ACMaster of Education
960-BA960BAMaster of Education
MC-EDCLILMC-EDCLILMaster of Education (CLIL)
960-EB960EBMaster of Education (Educational Management)
960-EC960ECMaster of Education (Educational Management)
MC-EDEDMGTMC-EDEDMGTMaster of Education (Educational Management)
960-IA960IAMaster of Education (International Baccalaureate)
960-IB960IBMaster of Education (International Baccalaureate)
MC-EDIBDPMC-EDIBDPMaster of Education (International Baccalaureate) DP
MC-EDIBDPOMC-EDIBDPOMaster of Education (International Baccalaureate) DP
MC-EDIBPYMC-EDIBPYMaster of Education (International Baccalaureate) PYP
960-LH960LHMaster of Education (Language Intervention and Hearing Impairment)
960-SE960SEMaster of Education (Special Education Inclusion and Early Intervention)
960-NL960NLMaster of Education (Specific Learning Difficulties)
960-SL960SLMaster of Education (Specific Learning Difficulties)
960-AA960AAMaster of Education (Stream 100) Major Thesis
G01-SWG01SWMaster of Education (Student Wellbeing)
695-AA695AAMaster of Education Policy (International)
312-AA312AAMaster of Educational Psychology
G02-AAG02AAMaster of Educational Psychology/Doctor of Philosophy
510-AA510AAMaster of Employment and Labour Relations Law
MC-ENGYSYSMC-ENGYSYSMaster of Energy Systems
MC-ENRSLAWMC-ENRSLAWMaster of Energy and Resources Law
H05-AAMC-ENGMaster of Engineering
761-EM761EMMaster of Engineering Management
532-PM532PMMaster of Engineering Project Management
352-AA352AAMaster of Engineering Science
746-ST746STMaster of Engineering Structures
MC-ENGGCMC-ENGGCMaster of English in a Global Context
MC-ENTMC-ENTMaster of Enterprise
N20-AAN20AAMaster of Enterprise (Executive)
MC-ENTRMC-ENTRMaster of Entrepreneurship
441-ME441MEMaster of Environment
441-MS441MSMaster of Environment
MC-ENVMC-ENVMaster of Environment
206-EC206ECMaster of Environmental Engineering
MC-ENVLAWMC-ENVLAWMaster of Environmental Law
MC-ENVSCMC-ENVSCMaster of Environmental Science
570-AA570AAMaster of Epidemiology
MC-EVALMC-EVALMaster of Evaluation
MC-EVALOMC-EVALOMaster of Evaluation
MR-EVALMR-EVALMaster of Evaluation
074-AA074AAMaster of Film and Television
MC-FILMTVMC-FILMTVMaster of Film and Television
MC-FINMC-FINMaster of Finance
952-AA952AAMaster of Fine Art (Research) (VCA)
MR-FACCDMR-FACCDMaster of Fine Arts (Community Cultural Development)
MR-FACMUSMR-FACMUSMaster of Fine Arts (Contemporary Music)
MR-FADANCEMR-FADANCEMaster of Fine Arts (Dance)
MR-FAFTVMR-FAFTVMaster of Fine Arts (Film and Television)
MR-FAIACMR-FAIACMaster of Fine Arts (Indigenous Arts & Culture)
MR-FAIAPMR-FAIAPMaster of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary Arts Practice)
MR-FAMUSTHMR-FAMUSTHMaster of Fine Arts (Music Theatre)
MR-FAPRODMR-FAPRODMaster of Fine Arts (Production)
MR-FATHTRMR-FATHTRMaster of Fine Arts (Theatre)
MR-FAVISARMR-FAVISARMaster of Fine Arts (Visual Art)
439-FS439FSMaster of Food Science
MC-FOODPIMC-FOODPIMaster of Food and Packaging Innovation
K01-AAMC-FRSTESMaster of Forest Ecosystem Science
MC-GENCOUNMC-GENCOUNMaster of Genetic Counselling
536-AA536AAMaster of Geographic Information Technology
MC-GEOGMC-GEOGMaster of Geography
MC-GEOSCMC-GEOSCMaster of Geoscience
MC-GCCLAWMC-GCCLAWMaster of Global Competition and Consumer Law
MC-GMCOMMC-GMCOMMaster of Global Media Communication
MC-GLBSTEDMC-GLBSTEDMaster of Global Studies in Education
MC-HHSMC-HHSMaster of Health and Human Services
507-AA507AAMaster of Health and Medical Law
494-AA494AAMaster of Human Resource Management
MC-HUMRLAWMC-HUMRLAWMaster of Human Rights Law
864-AL864ALMaster of Information Systems
864-AS864ASMaster of Information Systems
864-BB864BBMaster of Information Systems
MC-ISMC-ISMaster of Information Systems
MC-ISEXECMC-ISEXECMaster of Information Systems (Executive)
ML-ISBAML-ISBAMaster of Information Systems/Graduate Diploma in Business Admin
MC-ITMC-ITMaster of Information Technology
MC-IT100MC-IT100Master of Information Technology
MC-IT150MC-IT150Master of Information Technology
MC-INSLEADMC-INSLEADMaster of Instructional Leadership
277-AA277AAMaster of Intellectual Property Law
324-BA324BAMaster of International Business
MC-IBMC-IBMaster of International Business
102-DR102DRMaster of International Development (Thesis)
D32-AAMC-IRMaster of International Relations
192-AA192AAMaster of International Tax
MC-JOURNMC-JOURNMaster of Journalism
MC-LARCHMC-LARCHMaster of Landscape Architecture
MC-LARCH2YMC-LARCH2YMaster of Landscape Architecture
MC-LARCH3YMC-LARCH3YMaster of Landscape Architecture
635-AA635AAMaster of Law and Development
502-CW502CWMaster of Laws
502-NT502NTMaster of Laws
MC-LAWGCCLMC-LAWGCCLMaster of Laws (Global Competition and Consumer Law)
MC-LIMC-LIMaster of Learning Intervention
MC-LITMC-LITMaster of Literacy
MC-LITEDUCMC-LITEDUCMaster of Literacy Education
MC-MGMTMC-MGMTMaster of Management
MC-MGTSMC-MGTSMaster of Management
MC-MGMTAFNMC-MGMTAFNMaster of Management (Accounting and Finance)
MC-MGMTACTMC-MGMTACTMaster of Management (Accounting)
MC-MGTACTSMC-MGTACTSMaster of Management (Accounting)
MC-MGMTFINMC-MGMTFINMaster of Management (Finance)
MC-MGTFINSMC-MGTFINSMaster of Management (Finance)
MC-MGMTHREMC-MGMTHREMaster of Management (Human Resources)
MC-MGTHRESMC-MGTHRESMaster of Management (Human Resources)
MC-MGMTMKTMC-MGMTMKTMaster of Management (Marketing)
MC-MGTMKTSMC-MGTMKTSMaster of Management (Marketing)
294-BE294BEMaster of Marketing
294-FN294FNMaster of Marketing
294-PN294PNMaster of Marketing
MC-MKTCOMMMC-MKTCOMMMaster of Marketing Communications
572-AT572ATMaster of Medicine
572-RC572RCMaster of Medicine (Radiology)
MC-MHSCMC-MHSCMaster of Mental Health Science
MC-MLEAMC-MLEAMaster of Modern Languages Education (Stream A)
MC-MLEBMC-MLEBMaster of Modern Languages Education (Stream B)
652-AB652ABMaster of Music
652-CO652COMaster of Music (Composition)
MR-MUSINCOMR-MUSINCOMaster of Music (Interactive Composition)
MR-MUSJIMR-MUSJIMaster of Music (Jazz & Improvisation)
652-MP652MPMaster of Music (Music Performance)
MR-MUSMPPSMR-MUSMPPSMaster of Music (Music Psychology & Performance Science)
652-MT652MTMaster of Music (Music Therapy)
652-MU652MUMaster of Music (Musicology/Ethnomusicology)
MC-MUSOPMC-MUSOPMaster of Music (Opera Performance)
MC-MUSPTMC-MUSPTMaster of Music (Performance Teaching)
161-IN161INMaster of Music Studies
M04-AAM04AAMaster of Music Therapy
H03-AAMC-NEMaster of Nanoelectronic Engineering
MC-NTCWMC-NTCWMaster of Narrative Therapy and Community Work
MC-NUMMC-NUMMaster of Numeracy
MC-NURSCMC-NURSCMaster of Nursing Science
MC-SCIMANMC-SCIMANMaster of Operations Research and Management Science
MR-PHILAGRMR-PHILAGRMaster of Philosophy - Agricultural Sciences
V04-AAMR-PHILABPMaster of Philosophy - Architecture, Building and Planning
V05-AAMR-PHILARTMaster of Philosophy - Arts
V06-BEMR-PHILBEMaster of Philosophy - Business and Economics
V08-AAMR-PHILEDUMaster of Philosophy - Education
V09-AAMR-PHILENGMaster of Philosophy - Engineering
V11-AAMR-PHILLAWMaster of Philosophy - Law
V12-BSMR-PHILBVSMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Behavioural Science)
MR-PHILBMSMR-PHILBMSMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Biomedical Science)
V12-DSMR-PHILDSCMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Dental Science)
MR-PHILHLTMR-PHILHLTMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Health Sciences)
V12-AAMR-PHILMEDMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Medicine)
V12-NSMR-PHILNURMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Nursing)
V12-PHMR-PHILPHYMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Physiotherapy)
V12-POMR-PHILPOPMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Population Health)
MR-PHILPGHMR-PHILPGHMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Population and Global Health)
MR-PHILPSYMR-PHILPSYMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Psychological Sciences)
V12-SWMR-PHILSWKMaster of Philosophy - MDHS (Social Work)
V13-AAMR-PHILMUSMaster of Philosophy - Music
V15-AAMR-PHILSCIMaster of Philosophy - Science
V14-AAMR-PHILVETMaster of Philosophy - Veterinary Science
V10-AAMR-PHILVCAMaster of Philosophy - Victorian College of the Arts
546-AA546AAMaster of Primary Health Care
MC-PRODMC-PRODMaster of Producing
MC-PRODDFSMC-PRODDFSMaster of Production Design for Screen
MC-PROPMC-PROPMaster of Property
MC-PROP2YMC-PROP2YMaster of Property
MC-PROP3YMC-PROP3YMaster of Property
342-AA342AAMaster of Psychiatry
MC-POMC-POMaster of Psychiatry
J14-AAMC-PSYCHCSMaster of Psychology (Clinical - Singapore)
080-CC080CCMaster of Psychology (Clinical Child Psychology)/Doctor of Philosophy
527-CN527CNMaster of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)
080-CN080CNMaster of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)/Doctor of Philosophy
527-CL527CLMaster of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
080-CL080CLMaster of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)/Doctor of Philosophy
MC-PAMC-PAMaster of Public Administration
MC-PAENHMC-PAENHMaster of Public Administration (Enhanced)
244-CW244CWMaster of Public Health
344-AB344ABMaster of Public Policy and Management
511-AA511AAMaster of Public and International Law
D12-AAMC-PUBCOMMaster of Publishing and Communications
MC-REHABSCMC-REHABSCMaster of Rehabilitation Science
MR-RESABPMR-RESABPMaster of Research
MR-RESMEDMR-RESMEDMaster of Research
MR-RESSCIMR-RESSCIMaster of Research
MC-SCIBIOMC-SCIBIOMaster of Science (BioSciences)
R05-RDMC-SCIBIFMaster of Science (Bioinformatics)
R05-RBMC-SCIBOTMaster of Science (Botany)
R05-RCMC-SCICHEMaster of Science (Chemistry)
MC-SCICMPMC-SCICMPMaster of Science (Computer Science)
R05-REMC-SCIEARMaster of Science (Earth Sciences)
MC-SCIECOMC-SCIECOMaster of Science (Ecosystem Science)
MC-SCIEPIMC-SCIEPIMaster of Science (Epidemiology)
R05-RGMC-SCIGENMaster of Science (Genetics)
MC-SCIGEOMC-SCIGEOMaster of Science (Geography)
MC-SCIINFMC-SCIINFMaster of Science (Information Systems)
R05-RMMC-SCIMATMaster of Science (Mathematics and Statistics)
782-AA782AAMaster of Science (Optometry)
R05-RPMC-SCIPHYMaster of Science (Physics)
R05-RVMC-SCIVISMaster of Science (Vision Science)
R05-RZMC-SCIZOOMaster of Science (Zoology)
MC-SCWRMC-SCWRMaster of Screenwriting
706-AA706AAMaster of Social Policy
802-AA802AAMaster of Social Work
MC-SOCWMC-SOCWMaster of Social Work
H04-AAMC-SISCMaster of Spatial Information Science
MC-SPCHPTHMC-SPCHPTHMaster of Speech Pathology
MC-SCMMC-SCMMaster of Supply Chain Management
MC-SCM150MC-SCM150Master of Supply Chain Management
552-AA552AAMaster of Surgery
MC-SURGEDMC-SURGEDMaster of Surgical Education
MC-SURGSCMC-SURGSCMaster of Surgical Science
742-AB742ABMaster of Tax
MC-TEACHEPMC-TEACHEPMaster of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary)
G04-EAMC-TEACHECMaster of Teaching (Early Childhood)
G04-YAMC-TEACHYAMaster of Teaching (Early Years)
G04-PIMC-TEACHPRMaster of Teaching (Primary)
G04-SAMC-TEACHSAMaster of Teaching (Secondary)
MC-TEACHSRMC-TEACHSRMaster of Teaching (Secondary)
MC-TEACHSIMC-TEACHSIMaster of Teaching (Secondary) Internship
364-AA364AAMaster of Telecommunications Engineering
MC-TEDMGTMC-TEDMGTMaster of Tertiary Education (Management)
G10-AAMC-TEMMaster of Tertiary Education Management
MC-TRANSMC-TRANSMaster of Translation
MC-TRANEXTMC-TRANEXTMaster of Translation (Extended)
MC-TRANARTMC-TRANARTMaster of Transnational Arts
MC-URBDESMC-URBDESMaster of Urban Design
MC-URBHORTMC-URBHORTMaster of Urban Horticulture
MC-URPLMC-URPLMaster of Urban Planning
MC-UCHMC-UCHMaster of Urban and Cultural Heritage
MC-VPHEADMC-VPHEADMaster of Veterinary Public Health (Emergency Animal Diseases)
872-AA872AAMaster of Veterinary Science
872-BB872BBMaster of Veterinary Science
MC-VETSTDRMC-VETSTDRMaster of Veterinary Studies
MC-WTVITMC-WTVITMaster of Wine Technology and Viticulture
MC-WRIPERFMC-WRIPERFMaster of Writing for Performance
MC-YMHMC-YMHMaster of Youth Mental Health
MC-YOUTHMHMC-YOUTHMHMaster of Youth Mental Health
051-AA051AAPh.D.- Architecture & Planning
101-AA101AAPh.D.- Arts
301-AA301AAPh.D.- Education
351-AA351AAPh.D.- Engineering
501-AA501AAPh.D.- Law
551-AA551AAPh.D.- Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
551-AC551ACPh.D.- Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
211-AB211ABPh.D.- Melbourne Business School
651-AA651AAPh.D.- Music
751-AA751AAPh.D.- Science
871-AA871AAPh.D.- Veterinary Science
101-AC101ACPh.D.Arts (Cotutelle/Ecole des Hautes Eydes en Sciences Sociales Paris)
N57-AAPC-CUPostgraduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound
PC-DENTHRPPC-DENTHRPPostgraduate Certificate in Dental Therapy (Advanced Clinical Practice)
981-DO981DOPostgraduate Certificate in Education (International Baccalaureate)
981-SL981SLPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Specific Learning Difficulties)
G09-AAPC-EDRESPostgraduate Certificate in Educational Research
PC-EVALPC-EVALPostgraduate Certificate in Evaluation
PC-TESOLAPC-TESOLAPostgraduate Certificate in TESOL (Stream A)
PC-VPHEADPC-VPHEADPostgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Public Health (EAD)
PC-VOICESTPC-VOICESTPostgraduate Certificate in Voice Studies
PD-ARTSPD-ARTSPostgraduate Diploma in Arts
095-EC095ECPostgraduate Diploma in Arts (Editing and Communications)
645-AA645AAPostgraduate Diploma in Biostatistics
031-AB031ABPostgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry
441-AB441ABPostgraduate Diploma in Environment
216-AP216APPostgraduate Diploma in Management
216-MP216MPPostgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing)
J06-AAJ06AAPostgraduate Diploma in Primary Care Nursing
290-AA290AAPostgraduate Diploma in Science
N26-AAN26AAPostgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy
PD-VPHEADPD-VPHEADPostgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Public Health (EAD)
PR-ARTSEDPR-ARTSEDProfessional Certificate in Arts Education
N28-AAN28AAProfessional Certificate in Clinical Research
PR-EDASCPR-EDASCProfessional Certificate in Education (Autism Spectrum Conditions)
GC-EDCLILGC-EDCLILProfessional Certificate in Education (CLIL)
GC-PEDPBLGC-PEDPBLProfessional Certificate in Education (Positive Behaviour and Learning)
PR-EDPOSEDPR-EDPOSEDProfessional Certificate in Education (Positive Education)
PR-EDNEUROPR-EDNEUROProfessional Certificate in Educational Neuroscience
PR-ENGLANGPR-ENGLANGProfessional Certificate in English Language
PR-GWINESTPR-GWINESTProfessional Certificate in Global Wine Studies
GC-HISTEDGC-HISTEDProfessional Certificate in History Education
GC-IRPROGC-IRPROProfessional Certificate in Indigenous Research
GC-INSLEADGC-INSLEADProfessional Certificate in Instructional Leadership
PR-IAPPR-IAPProfessional Certificate in Introductory Academic Program
PR-MTHEDPRPR-MTHEDPRProfessional Certificate in Mathematics Education (Primary)
PR-MTHED12PR-MTHED12Professional Certificate in Mathematics Education (Years 11-12)
PR-MTHED10PR-MTHED10Professional Certificate in Mathematics Education (Years 7-10)
PR-MHPRACPR-MHPRACProfessional Certificate in Mental Health Practice
PR-POSPSYCPR-POSPSYCProfessional Certificate in Positive Psychology
PR-TCHCLINPR-TCHCLINProfessional Certificate in Teaching (Clinical)
PR-WRKLEADPR-WRKLEADProfessional Certificate in Workplace Leadership
SC-ASWSC-ASWSpecialist Certificate in Advanced Social Work
SC-AGEINGSC-AGEINGSpecialist Certificate in Ageing
SC-ADEDSC-ADEDSpecialist Certificate in Anterior and Dry Eye Disorders
SC-BLOODMFSC-BLOODMFSpecialist Certificate in Blood Management Foundations
SC-CLNLEADSC-CLNLEADSpecialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership
N05-BRN05BRSpecialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Biomedical Research Mgmt)
N05-NSN05NSSpecialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Neuroscience)
N05-ONN05ONSpecialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Oncology)
N35-AAGC-CRIMFDSpecialist Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disability)
GC-CRIMSOMGC-CRIMSOMSpecialist Certificate in Criminology (Sexual Offender Management)
SC-CCCONSSC-CCCONSSpecialist Certificate in Cross-Cultural Conservation and Heritage
SC-CDPSC-CDPSpecialist Certificate in Cultural Development Planning
SC-ECODESSC-ECODESSpecialist Certificate in Economic Design
GC-EXECLDSGC-EXECLDSSpecialist Certificate in Executive Leadership
SC-EYEBANKSC-EYEBANKSpecialist Certificate in Eye Banking
SC-GARDSC-GARDSpecialist Certificate in Glaucoma and Retinal Disease
SC-GREENSC-GREENSpecialist Certificate in Green Roofs and Walls
SC-HHSSC-HHSSpecialist Certificate in Health and Human Services
SC-HEARSCSC-HEARSCSpecialist Certificate in Hearing Science
SC-IMPSCSC-IMPSCSpecialist Certificate in Implementation Science
SC-LDSHIPSC-LDSHIPSpecialist Certificate in Leadership
SC-LEADPSSC-LEADPSSpecialist Certificate in Leadership (Professional Services)
N63-AAGC-PAEDOPSpecialist Certificate in Paediatric Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
GC-PALLCGC-PALLCSpecialist Certificate in Palliative Care
SC-PRACTMHSC-PRACTMHSpecialist Certificate in Practice of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
SC-PASC-PASpecialist Certificate in Public Administration
SC-REHABSCSC-REHABSCSpecialist Certificate in Rehabilitation Science
N67-AAGC-RPPSpecialist Certificate in Rural Paediatric Practice
GC-STRATMKGC-STRATMKSpecialist Certificate in Strategic Marketing
SC-TRAVMEDSC-TRAVMEDSpecialist Certificate in Travel Medicine
SC-UCHSC-UCHSpecialist Certificate in Urban and Cultural Heritage
GC-MCLPGC-MCLPSpecialist Certificate in the Management of Contact Lens Patients
GC-MLVPGC-MLVPSpecialist Certificate in the Management of Low Vision Patients
SC-MNODSC-MNODSpecialist Certificate in the Management of Neural-Ophthalmic Disorders
GC-MPPGC-MPPSpecialist Certificate in the Management of Paediatric Patients
777-CC777CCU21 Certificate in Global Issues
D25-AAD-GLOBISSU21 Diploma in Global Issues
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