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  • Statutory Valuation (PG)ABPL90045

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Valuation for statutory purposes including rating. Examination of all taxes affecting property, including land tax. Compulsory acquisition and compensation.

  • Construction StudiesABPL90029


    The subject provides a broad overview of a range of topics relevant to the Australian construction industry, including the regulatory framework, construction materials and technology, construction documentation, geotechnical engineering, building structures, construction management and economics,...

  • Urban and Cultural Heritage InternshipABPL90381

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    Students enrolled in this subject will complete an internship of a minimum of two weeks full-time placement with an external organisation in the architectural, urban and cultural heritage field. Students will be supervised by the Subject Coordinator in collaboration with a designated party at the...

  • Design ActivismABPL90371

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This elective subject will explore the dynamics and effectiveness of architecture in relation to the politics of protest. It will link together concepts from critical theory, community development, and urban futures with architectural design. To do this the subject will use contemporary case stud...

  • Culture of BuildingABPL90085

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    A historical study of the use of materials and the means of constructing buildings from antiquity on, but with special reference to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, comparing equivalent materials and trades between cultures, and exploring the transmission of skills and techniques from one ...

  • Innovations in PropertyABPL90395

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019Quotas apply

    The subject is designed to analyse and interface property analysis and architectural design in a real life context. With that objective, the subject will interact with a MSD Architecture Studio C, D, E. at two stages – during Week 1 and then during Weeks 9 and 10 of semester 2 teaching period . I...

  • Property Agency and Marketing (PG)ABPL90314

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject aims to give students an understanding of the processes and issues relating to the transfer of freehold and leasehold interests in property with a commercial agency focus within the current legal and market context. The subject will be presented under three main themes: real estate ...

  • Architecture as Political HistoryABPL30066

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

     This subject is not available except to enabling students in E-ABP (Enabling Course - Architecture, Building & Planning) This lecture and tutorial course will develop a basic understanding of how architecture acts as part of the political and cultural processes for all societies, particular...

  • History of Designed LandscapesABPL20039

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    A critical examination of the historical development of landscape architectural design, including the events, social influences and personalities involved, and the philosophies and theories that were developed. The formative evolutionary influences of natural and cultural factors as they shaped t...

  • Property ManagementABPL30012

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This core subject for the Bachelor of Environments property major draws together economic, physical/environmental, financial and legal aspects relating to the management of the property asset from the perspective of a managing agent or major property portfolio manager who are responsible for the ...

  • Architecture in the Islamic WorldABPL30062

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject will offer an overview of the cosmopolitan origin and modern development of architecture in the Islamic world. Case studies from different regional contexts and historical periods will be examined to highlight the broad spectrum of political, cultural, social and environmental aspect...

  • Corporate Construction ManagementABPL90207

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    Organised as an advanced seminar, this subject examines management issues relating to contemporary businesses within the construction industry. The various models of organisations and corporate strategies to achieve competitive advantage are researched and explored. Management concepts such as fi...

  • Wooden Furniture WorkshopABPL90387

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019Quotas apply

    Wooden furniture workshop Furniture is a term describing movable objects in built environments intended to support various human activities, to hold objects, to store things and to divide spaces. They are products of design, used at home, office, retail, exhibition and urban environments, both in...

  • Craft in Traditional Asian ArchitectureABPL90336

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019Quotas apply

    This subject requires students to study and research construction and conservation methods of East Asian timber buildings, and to produce drawings and writings highlighting details of such buildings. Students are also required to produce virtual displays highlighting the chosen structure, and pos...

  • Bower StudioABPL90356

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019Quotas apply

    The multi-award winning Bower Studio has been running for several years (see www.bowerstudio.com.au) and has teams of students travelling to remote and marginalised communities to consult, design and construct community infrastructure projects. To date we have designed and built projects ranging ...

  • Representing Spatial InformationABPL90407

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    Representing Spatial Information is the study of conveying insight gained through geospatial data and information. Upon completion, students will be able to communicate complex relations and insights through visual storytelling and concise graphics. This subject will introduce students to fundam...

  • Professional Practice InvestigationABPL90264

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    The subject recognizes that strategic management is a key factor for the successful management of design practices. The subject will introduce students to basic concepts and theories in organisational theory, innovation and corporate strategy. Using these concepts students will be forced to think...

  • Architectural Engineering ThesisABPL90390

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject is the culmination of each student's studies in the Master of Architectural Engineering. It will offer a range of opportunities for students to demonstrate an original approach to research and design synthesising, in architecture and engineering. The capstone thesis is co-taught betw...

  • Urban Eco Acupuncture StudioABPL90111

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019Quotas apply

    Students will take part in an international studio in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden, in collaboration with students and academics from the Technical University of Delft and the Alto Design Factory in Leeuwarden. This studio will address the strategic objectives laid out by the City of Leeuwarden f...

  • Shenzen/Hong Kong BiennaleABPL90391

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019Quotas apply

    This subject is a two-week intensive and it will take place in Hong Kong and Shenzen in the second part of January 2016 (17-31 Jan). The workshop will be run by staff from our University and many other international schools participating in this year's Biennale. The teaching team from Melbourne w...