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  • Soil ManagementAGRI30037

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    A knowledge of appropriate methods for management of our soils is vital for sustainable food production and environmental health. This subject will provide students with a thorough understanding of key soil chemical, physical and biological processes to enable practical solutions to soil manageme...

  • Professional Practice for AgricultureAGRI30038

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject provides students with the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during their Bachelor of Agriculture degree to analysis of large-scale challenges confronting agricultural industries. Students will develop the capacity to apply a 'systems thinking' app...

  • Managing MarketsAGRI90014

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    The objectives of this subject are to develop and extend the students understanding of marketing with particular reference to the agribusiness sector. Students will be introduced to the concept of marketing and the importance of building and managing strong customer relationships. Students will ...

  • Sustainable Food SystemsAGRI20003


    The Australian food industry plays an important role in the Australian economy. The industry encompasses a number of segments from agricultural production, food processing and distribution through to retail sales. A key feature of the food industry is its diversity. The future of the industry wil...

  • Australia in the Wine WorldAGRI10039

    Offered:February, July, Semester 2Year:2019

    The content includes: Wine in society and human cultureEvolution of the grapevineViticulture and winemakingMain grape varieties of the world and their distributionBasic sciences of winemakingEuropean wine regions of France, Italy, Spain and PortugalThe history of the Australian wine industry, Au...

  • Vine to WineAGRI20027


    Vine to Wine begins with freshly harvested wine grapes. Students will then follow the journey through fermentation to wine in the bottle, gaining an understanding of the basic chemical and biological processes involved and the multitude of options to manipulate the process. N.B. This subject does...

  • Agribusiness Marketing & Value ChainsAGRI30040


    This subject is about applying principles of agricultural economics, agribusiness marketing and agribusiness value chain analysis to analysing and understanding the process of creating value in agricultural products, from the perspectives of individual firms in the value chain and of the whole va...

  • Resource Management EconomicsAGRI30043

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Formerly ECON30028 This subject is about principles of economics applied to analysing, understanding and solving problems and informing policy in natural resource and environmental management. Emphasis is on applying the techniques of benefit cost analysis to inform choices about public investme...

  • Vet Bioscience Research Project Part 2VETS40021

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Refer to VETS40020 Veterinary Bioscience Research Project Part 1

  • Advanced Clinical Skills 3 Part BVETS90051

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    Please refer to VETS90050 Advanced Clinical Skills 3 Part A

  • Epidemiology of EpidemicsVETS90086


    Animal disease epidemics have many unique epidemiological features, most obviously a potential for a high rate of transmission in fully susceptible populations. This expresses itself as an “epidemic curve” where the number of reported cases increases rapidly until control measures become effectiv...

  • Principles of Professional Practice PtBVETS90071

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Please refer to VETS90070 Principles of Professional Practice Part A

  • Advanced Clinical Skills 2 Part AVETS90048

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    This subject is designed for veterinary graduates with postgraduate clinical experience who wish to acquire advanced clinical training. Practical work is an integral part of the programs offered. Students undertake discipline-based clinical placements, which may include participating in ward rou...

  • Vet Public Health Research Project Pt 2VETS90045

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    Refer to VETS90044 Vet Public Health Research Project Pt 1 for details

  • Companion Animal Medicine & Surgery PtAVETS90072

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject will be comprised of the following two modules. In both units within this subject a “clinical presentation” approach will be taken to the discussion of diseases of animals, their diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Dogs, cats and miscellaneous companion animals Clinical signs, di...

  • Infections Population & Pub. Health PtAVETS90066

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject introduces students to the study of infectious agents as causes of disease in animals. It includes as appropriate, taxonomic and life cycle considerations of arthropods, nematodes, trematodes and cestodes, protozoa, fungi, bacteria and viruses; the host-parasite interaction and the p...

  • Principles of Medicine & Surgery 2 PtBVETS90055

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    Please refer to VETS90054 Principles of Medicine & Surgery 2 Part A

  • Animal Management and Veterinary HealthVETS90082

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject examines the major animal production systems in Australia, with a particular focus on the impact of management practices on the health and welfare of animal populations. Students will develop an appreciation of the economic drivers of these industries, measures of productivity utilis...

  • Production, Herd and Public Health AVETS90097

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject builds on students’ knowledge of the principles of animal health and production in the context of animal production systems. During placements in animal production industry, animal welfare and zoo settings, students acquire skills in animal handling and observe and participate in a ...

  • Veterinary Medicine and Surgery AVETS90076


    This subject focuses on clinical veterinary medicine and surgery, both the general principles of veterinary clinical practice and the specific approach to diagnosis, management and prevention of disease in the major domestic animal species.  In the first unit of study, students will be introduce...