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  • Plant Growth ProcessesAGRI20026

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    The production of plant food and fibre involves the manipulation of plant growth and development to achieve desired levels of yield and quality. This subject considers how crop and pasture canopies grow by acquiring resources from the environment, how plants allocate resources to different growth...

  • Australia in the Wine WorldAGRI20030

    Offered:February, July, SeptemberYear:2019

      The content includes: Wine in society and human cultureEvolution of the grapevineViticulture and winemakingMain grape varieties of the world and their distributionBasic sciences of winemakingEuropean Wine Regions France, Italy, Spain and PortugalWorld wine regionsMajor Australian wine regions...

  • Innovation Change & Knowledge TransferAGRI30011


    Students will use case studies in agricultural systems to explore how learning and practice change occur in natural resource management and agriculture. The subject will provide students with an understanding of how and why people take up knowledge and information and as well as the impediments t...

  • Applications in Animal Health 2 Part BVETS90069

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Please refer to VETS90068 Applications in Animal Health 2 Part A

  • Vet Bioscience Research Project Part 1VETS40020

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This honours research project in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences aims to develop a student's ability to design and undertake a substantial body of work, to find solutions to a particular problem, and to report on this in written and verbal form. Project definition is completed...

  • Principles of Medicine & Surgery 1 PtBVETS90053

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    Please refer to VETS90052 Principles of Medicine & Surgery 1 Part A

  • Haemato, Neurologic & Global ConditionsVETS90038

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject focuses on neurologic, musculo-skeletal, haematological, endocrine, global emergencies and transfusion medicine. This subject will increase understanding of both pathophysiology and clinical aspects of the following conditions; traumatic brain injury, spinal trauma, open fractures, t...

  • Vet Public Health Research ProjectVETS90029

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    Students will develop and attempt to answer a research question of veterinary public health (VPH) importance and/or importance for emergency animal disease preparedness and response. This will be achieved either by: A systematic review of the published and unpublished literatureDesign and conduc...

  • Advanced Clinical Skills 1 Part AVETS90046

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    This subject is designed for veterinary graduates with postgraduate clinical experience who wish to acquire advanced clinical training. Practical work is an integral part of the programs offered. Students undertake discipline-based clinical placements, which may include participating in ward rou...

  • Veterinary Industry InternshipVETS90031


    This is a capstone internship experience subject, which enables students to integrate the knowledge acquired through their coursework and apply this knowledge within the veterinary industry. Students will undertake a six week placement within a relevant organisation and develop the professional s...

  • Master Thesis in Vet Science (Clinical)VETS90027

    Offered:Time-based ResearchYear:2019

    Research training, based on the conduct of experiments under appropriate supervision, is given in a selected discipline area within the field of Veterinary Science. Advanced professional training is obtained through participation in the clinical investigation and management of clinical cases unde...

  • Foundations of Animal Health 2VETS20015

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    VETS20015 Foundations of Animal Health 2 adds to the understandings developed in VETS20014 Foundations of Animal Health 1, to consider the principles of animal welfare and its management, the genetic basis of animal health and performance and the fundamental principles of infectious disease contr...

  • Principles of Medicine & Surgery 1 PtAVETS90052

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    This subject is designed for veterinary graduates with postgraduate clinical experience who wish to acquire advanced clinical training.

  • Professional Veterinary PracticeVETS40018

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    This subject is undertaken as a series of 25 weeks of scheduled clinical rotations, internally within the University Veterinary Hospital and in external placements, 19 weeks on extramural elective placements, and concludes with a one week capstone 'transition to the workplace' lecture and worksho...

  • Foundations of Animal Health 1VETS20014

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    VETS20014 Foundations of Animal Health 1 introduces students to the major determinants of health in domestic animals. Using case studies drawing on a range of domestic and exotic animals species and both Australian and international contexts, the roles of animal environments, nutrition, toxins an...

  • Veterinary Bioscience 1BVETS90059

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    VETS90059 Veterinary Bioscience 1B takes an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the study of organ function and dysfunction in animals. Building on students’ prior knowledge and experience of scientific thinking, this subject introduces students to the structure and normal functioning of...

  • Production, Herd and Public Health BVETS90098

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject continues the exploration of principles of animal health and production in the context of animal production systems.  During placements in animal production industry, animal welfare and zoo settings, students acquire skills in animal handling and observe and participate in a range o...

  • Veterinary Bioscience 2BVETS90101

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject continues with an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach to the study of organ function and dysfunction in animals. Building on students’ prior knowledge of organ function and dysfunction and their experience of scientific and clinical reasoning, this subject introduces students ...

  • Veterinary Clinical SkillsVETS40017

    Offered:February, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject is only available to incoming exchange students. It is not available for students enrolled in an award program at the University of Melbourne. The subject consists of blocks of practical work in clinical disciplines selected by the student and approved by the subject coordinator. T...

  • Professional Portfolio BVETS90081

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject provides Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students with the opportunity to develop advanced skills and knowledge in the track selected in the preceding semester: Small Animal, Equine, Production Animal, or Government, Industry and Conservation Health. Students will undertake small group...